FOSS BUZZ launches the Students' Scholarship Contest in STEM Schools, Egypt

The following post is courtesy of our LPI - Egypt affiliate and their LPI Approved Training Partner, Anova:

Within the context of the Free Open Source Software Campaign “FOSS BUZZ” launched by Anova, the sole LPI Approved Training Partner in Egypt, Anova team, in cooperation with the STEM School in 6 October City administration, organized an orientation day to introduce the Students' Scholarship Contest 2014 (Facebook link, page requires log in), as a part of the FOSS BUZZ Campaign on Tuesday the 1st of April 2014.

The students were encouraged to participate in the contest, where the winners would have the chance to attend free LPI Linux Essentials courses, and would be eligible to represent the campaign in their school within the FOSS BUZZ Ambassadors program.

The FOSS BUZZ Ambassadors program exists to empower students enrolled in schools and universities with the Free Open Source tools and resources, and to represent the FOSS BUZZ movement across Egypt.

The event covered the following topics:

  • Introduction to FOSS and using it in Egypt's Development
  • Introducing the FOSS BUZZ Initiative
  • The Students' Scholarship Contest
  • FOSS BUZZ Ambassadors Program
  • LPI Certification

The students showed great interest in Free Open Source Software and interacted with the lecturers, asking several questions concerning the LPI certifications and the Ambassador Program. FOSS BUZZ plans to organize more of outreach events to open source software targeting youth and students' community.


Find out the event presentations' slides on (Facebook link, page requires log in)