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  • Women In IT

    By maddog on March 23, 2011

    Recently there was a lot of discussion on one particular mailing list about women in IT. Certainly in the United States the number of women in IT versus the number of men is ridiculously small. It does not take a very observant person at an IT conference or in some other type of meeting to ask the...

  • LPI-Central Europe at CeBIT 2011

    By slamberton on March 23, 2011

    LPI affiliate for the region of Central Europe (LPI-CE includes Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland) attended CeBIT 2011 earlier this month. Klaus Behrla (left) of LPI-CE presents Susanne Korb and Alfred Schröder of the company GONICUS...

  • IT certification and the value I got in it

    By maddog on March 9, 2011

    (EDITOR'S NOTE: "IT certification and the value I got in it" by Joshua Ebarvia originally appeared in the October 2010 edition of BSD Magazine) After graduating college, I created an account for an online resume publishing site. Upon creating my online resume, I stumbled on a field asking for IT...

  • Linux Magazine Academy: Preparing for LPI Certifications

    By maddog on March 9, 2011

    Linux Magazine Academy  offers online training, tailored to the LPI certification objectives, and conducted by LPI-certified trainers. The video presentations are available in both English and German. The presenter is LPICPrep's Ross Brunson. For more information see the Linux Magazine Academy...

  • Tunisia: a small country but a big nation

    By maddog on February 23, 2011

    “Imagine your commitment to Linux professionalism was so great that you sat for your LPI exam with demonstrations and army in the street outside and snipers on the roof of the building!” - Scott Lamberton, LPI Tunisia: a country of slightly over 10 million people, which a few weeks ago may have...

  • LPI@FOSDEM, Brussels, Belgium

    By maddog on February 23, 2011

    (Editor's Note: this blog post is provided by Fabrice Mous of LPI-Netherlands. Fabrice regularly blogs on LPI and other issues pertaining to Free and Open Source Software in the Netherlands). It often happens that one becomes inspired and energized by people that you meet with and the activities...

  • Do not be a Nerd!

    By maddog on February 7, 2011

    Recently I was talking to some investors about a new project where systems administrators would be their own sales force for IT services. The investors told me that it would never work, because “computer people are nerds” and do not have the social skills to be salespeople. I was a little shocked...

  • Another LPI-101 screencast PaulPaulito.com

    By maddog on February 7, 2011

    In January, we shared a screencast from PaulPaulito.com. PaulPaulito.com has fully-updated courseware for LPI-101 which will soon be available to subscribers at www.paulpaulito.com Screencasts will be offered in English, German and Spanish. Additional support materials will also be available such...


    By maddog on January 24, 2011

    I have a friend who I love as a brother. The other day they wrote me in email telling me that he was starting to do home brew beer, and he and his brother were going to invest in this “as a business”. While I too love home brewing, I recognized his syndrome, and gave him the best advice I could...

  • Certifiable: Why Get a Vendor/Distribution Neutral Linux Certification?

    By maddog on January 24, 2011

    In this second in his series of online videos, Ross Brunson of LPICPrep describes the value of a vendor and distribution neutral Linux certification.


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