Online IT Portfolio

Learn how you can display all of your certifications from different vendors in one online IT portfolio through the ITCC TechCertRegistry program. This program is free to all IT certification participants.

IT Certification Council

The Information Technology Certification Council (ITCC) is a council of industry leaders focused on IT certifications committed to growing professional certifications, recognizing the need for a qualified workforce to support the world’s technology needs. The Linux Professional Institute is a founding member of the ITCC. Other members include companies such as IBM, HP,  Microsoft, Cisco and Citrix and testing vendors Prometric and Pearson VUE.

All Your IT Certifications, One Online Portfolio

The ITCC TechCertRegistry is a free resource for both employers and IT professionals. IT professionals can list all of their certifications from participating ITCC members using a single account, and a single unique ID. All of these qualifying certifications are aggregated into a single, secure portal to present a full certification portfolio to employers and other parties.


Learn more about the ITCC and the TechCertRegistry

  • What is the ITCC? Which organizations/companies are members of ITCC?

    The ITCC is the Information Technology Certification Council. It is a council of industry leaders focused on promoting certifications for information technology professionals. The council was established to ensure that a qualified, certified workforce is in place to support the technology needs of businesses and organizations worldwide.

    The ITCC members include Alpine Testing, APMG,  California Community Colleges, Caveon, Cisco, Citrix Systems, Inc., CompTIA, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), HDI, IBM, Kaplan, LPI (Linux Professional Institute), Microsoft,  The Open Group,  Prometric,  Pearson VUE and Wiley Publishing.

    For more information visit the ITCC website.

  • What is the ITCC TechCertRegistry?

    The ITCC TechCertRegistry is a web-based application sponsored by participating ITCC members. It provides and supports services for IT candidates, Certification Providers (certification vendors) and employers who hire or contract skilled IT professionals.

    The ITCC TechCertRegistry application allows IT candidates to:

    • Create a secure account to aggregate their IT certifications into one, convenient record
    • Create a unique ID to use universally with Certification Providers certification vendors and testing providers
    • Publish an official verified transcript of their IT certifications to employers or other parties
    • Save time, money and frustration
    • The ITCC TechCertRegistry services support the IT certifications of the participating ITCC certification providers and testing providers.
  • What are the TechCertRegistry services?

    At launch there are three primary ITCC TechCertRegistry services.

    1. TechCertID. Allows the IT candidate to select a single, easy to remember ID and use it as their candidate ID with participating Certification Providers and Test Service Providers. The ID is selected by the candidate when they set up their ITCC TechCertRegistry account. The ID is validated to ensure it is between 6 and 50 characters and is unique. It can contain special characters, for example “@” so that an email address can be used for the ID.
    2. Share Transcript. The Share Transcript service allows candidates to publish a consolidated certification verification report of their IT certifications to a designated recipient.
    3. View Transcript. The View Transcript service allows candidate authorized employers and third parties to verify the candidate’s IT certifications using the candidate’s TechCertID.
  • Are there any fees associated with the ITCC TechCertRegistry?

    No, there is no fee to hold a portfolio in the ITCC TechCertRegistry.There is also no fee to publish to one of the participating certification providers.

  • If I have certifications with LPI how do I have them listed with the ITCC TechCertRegistry?

    For privacy reasons, LPI requires the consent of each individual certification holder to share their certifications earned with the ITCC TechCertRegistry. To do so please go to the “Preferences” section of the LPI candidate area and check the appropriate “opt-in” boxes to provide LPI with the permission to share this information (Name, LPI ID, email and certifications).

  • What is the TechCertID? How do I use it?

    The TechCertID is a unique IT candidate identification recognized by participating ITCC TechCertRegistry Certification Providers and testing providers. Instead of having to use the specific candidate ID issued by each of the Certification Providers and testing providers, the candidate can simply use their self-selected TechCertID and save time and frustration associated with having to use multiple candidate IDs and certification verification systems. The ID is selected by the candidate when they set up their ITCC TechCertRegistry account. The ID is validated to ensure it is between 6 and 50 characters and is unique. It can contain special characters, for example “@” so that an email address can be used for the ID/ The candidate’s TechCertID is displayed at the top of the ITCC TechCertRegistry web pages after the candidate logs into their TechCertRegistry account.

  • How can I register for a TechCertID and Password?

    The TechCertRegistry is designed for IT certification candidates – individuals who hold a certification with one or more Certification Providers.

    The process is straightforward as follows:

    • On the TechCertRegistry login page, the candidate clicks on the “Create an account” button
    • The candidate must read and agree to the End User License Agreement.
    • The candidate enters the required information in the online registration form presented. This includes selecting the TechCertID– a unique ID between 6 and 50 characters that can contain special characters, for example “@” if the candidate wants to use an email address for their ID.
    • An email message containing login and account activation instructions will be sent to the email address provided during registration.
    • Following the steps in the account activation email the candidate activates their TechCertRegistry account and selects their password.
  • How do I access my TechCertRegistry account?

    The candidate can access the ITCC TechCertRegistry login page via their candidate account with any of the participating TechCertRegistry Certification Providers or directly at the ITCC TechCertRegistry website. The candidate will be prompted to enter their TechCertRegistry username and password

  • What is “Share Transcript”? How is the list of certifications created?

    “Share Transcript” is the menu link that the TechCertRegistry candidate can access once they have logged in to their TechCertRegistry account. The “View Transcript” webpage displays the candidate IT certification status for the certifications they hold with the Certification Providers they have affiliated (using “Add a Certification”) with through their TechCertRegistry account.

    The candidate can select which certifications that are displayed on the page that they want to publish to an employer or third party. The candidate checks the box next to the specific certification, enters the email address where they want the transcript to be sent, enters a custom message for the email recipient, checks the authorization to share their information box, previews the report that will be sent and then send (publishes) the report to the designated email recipient.

    Currently, the Share Transcript service allows candidates to print the preview version of the Share Transcript “Certification  Report”. For security and fraud prevention, the preview report is not to be used as an official certification verification report and is marked with the following disclaimer “This is an unofficial report and is not a valid certification verification.”

  • What does it mean to affiliate with a Certification Provider?

    A candidate affiliates with a Certification Provider by using the “Add a Certification” link on the “Add Certifications” page and following the instructions on the pop-up window.

    A candidate can only affiliate with Certification Providers that are participating in the ITCC TechCertRegistry. Additionally, the candidate must have status with one or more certifications offered by the Certification Provider (for example LPI).

    When a candidate affiliates with a Certification Provider, they give permission to share their certification status with the ITCC TechCertRegistry and enter enough information for the TechCertRegistry to uniquely identify the candidate between the TechCertRegistry system and the Certification Providers’s certification management system.

    In addition, once the candidate has affiliated with a Certification Provider, that provider may verify the candidate’s certifications on a case-by-case basis including to other Certification Provider participating in the TechCertRegistry. This will facilitate automatically crediting the candidate’s certification between certification programs.

  • I cannot see my certification in the Certification Status or Share Transcript list. What do I do?

    Candidates must successfully affiliate with the Certification Provider before their certifications can be listed in the Certification Status and View Transcript list.
    If a candidate has successfully affiliated with the Certification Provider and the certification is not listed this may be due to the delay in processing the certification status between the TechCertRegistry system and the Certification Provider system.

    Troubleshooting steps:

    • Confirm their certification status with the Certification Provider. This is outside of the TechCertRegistry. Candidate should be able to verify their certification status by logging into their account with the Certification Provider. With LPI this is done at our candidate area.
    • Confirm successful affiliation with the Certification Provider. Click on View Transcript menu link to see the list of Certification Provider that the candidate has successfully affiliated with. If the Certification Provider is not listed, click on the “Click on the “Add Certifications” link to affiliate with the Certification Provider.
    • The candidate should ensure that their first and last names are the same in their TechCertRegistry account and their Certification Provider account.
    • If the candidate recently achieved their certification, there may be a delay in processing the certification status between the Certification Providers’s system and the TechCertRegistry system. This delay may take as long as 10 days. The candidate should periodically log into their TechCertRegistry account and review their Certification Provider. If the certification in question is their first one with that Certification Provider, the candidate has to affiliate with the Certification Provider by clicking the Add Certification menu link, clicking the “Affiliate with a Certification Provider” link and following the instructions on the pop-up.
    • If the candidate has exhausted the troubleshooting steps, they should log an incident by clicking on the “Contact Us” menu link at the ITCC TechCertRegistry and following the instructions on the page.
  • How do I correct inaccurate data in my TechCertRegistry record?

    The candidate can log an incident by clicking on the “View Transcript” menu item and entering specific information.

  • I am having difficulties using the ITCC TechCertRegistry. Who do I contact for technical support?

    Try the following steps:

    • Review the ITCC TechCertRegistry FAQs to see if the problem is addressed there.
    • Close all browser windows
    • Reopen your browser, log in and try the action again – many times this solves the problem.
    • If you are still having difficulties, contact the TechCertRegistry support team by clicking on “Contact Us” and entering and submitting detailed information describing the problem.
    • If you cannot log into the TechCertRegistry, you can email the TechCertRegistry support team at and provide a detailed description of the problem in the email message.
  • What if I do not know a specific candidate ID number with a Certification Provider?

    When affiliating with certain Certification Provider (LPI for example), the candidate will be prompted to include their candidate ID number for that Certification Provider’s certification program (e.g. LPI ID number). Typically the candidate can ascertain their candidate ID by logging into their account with the Certification Provider and viewing the information in their candidate record. If this does not work, the candidate will need to contact the Certification Provider directly.

  • Why doesn't my profile at the Certification Providers change after I changed my ITCC TechCertRegistry profile?

    The candidates profile data is not communicated with the Certification Provider. Exchanged are only: First and Last Name for the purpose of identification See “Add ”. LPI also communicates the LPI ID number in order to allow for the exchange of certification records within our system. Certifications  issued by the Certification Provider.

  • I don’t see the particular certification provider that I have certifications through listed. Are there any plans for them to join the TechCertRegistry?

    The ITCC is eager to get additional member organizations to participate in the TechCertRegistry and is actively engaging with additional certification providers. If you have a specific sponsor that you would like to see included, please send an email to  Pam O’Brien with your request. These providers will be informed that there is interest in their company becoming a affiliate.

  • How do I contact the ITCC TechCertRegistry?

    The ITCC can be contacted through its website. The ITCC TechCertRegistry administration can be contacted by candidates through their TechCertRegistry account by clicking on the “Contact Us” menu link and completing the form.