Study Resources

LPI –approved training materials

The LPI-ATM program was initiated in 2002 to help courseware providers develop accurate training materials. Since then, the number and variety of exam preparation materials have grown substantially, and LPI no longer requires the use of LPI-ATM materials by LPI Approved Training Partners (LPI-ATP) or LPI-Approved Academic Partners (LPI-AAP). However, in some regions, local master affiliates will require the use of approved local language courseware for training partners. This section of our website lists courseware providers and other publishers who voluntarily participated in the LPI-ATM program.


LPI welcomes the publication of textbooks and other materials that might help candidates in exam preparation. The list in this section, although not exhaustive, includes those books most often cited by LPI alumni.

Practice questions and self study materials

Many experienced Linux professionals prefer to prepare themselves for LPI exams through the use of online self-preparation materials. We include in this section some of these online resources we hear about from our alumni.