Approved Training Materials

The LPI-ATM program was initiated in 2002 to assist courseware providers in developing accurate training materials that supported LPI certifications. Since then the number and variety of exam preparation materials has grown substantially and LPI no longer requires the use of LPI-ATM materials by LPI Approved Training Partners (LPI-ATP) or LPI-Approved Academic Partners (LPI-AAP). However in some regions local Master Affiliates will require the use of approved local language courseware for training partners. This section of our website lists courseware providers and other publishers who voluntarily participated in the LPI-ATM program.

The following third-party training products were previous participants in the LPI Approved Training Materials (LPI-ATM) programs:


The following is a list of training material and courseware providers for LPIC exams.

AT Computing

AT Computing has fully updated its LPIC-1, LPIC-2 and LPIC-301 courseware. The LPIC-1 material is available both on paper and in online video form in Dutch. LPIC-2 is available on paper in Dutch language. Translation into English is negotiable. Their LPIC 301 material is available on paper in English. Furthermore AT Computing distributes online video courses for LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 in German and LPIC-1 in English. AT Computing is also developing material targeted at younger students (LPIC-1, LPI Basics (12 years old and up)).

If you are interested in any of the material please contact them at

Guru Labs

Guru Labs has fully updated LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 courseware materials in English. Each course has in classroom practice questions for additional exam preparation. Visit their website or email for details.

Linup Front

Presently has LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 updated courseware in both English & German. Linup Front has other exam preparation materials including an LPI test simulator, "LPI Academy" and an LPIC-1 workshop. Please see their website for details.

Linux Certified

Has updated LPIC-1 courseware. For purchasing inquiries contact Rajesh Goyal, Director of Training and Courseware.

Geego Systems, Inc. Taiwan

Individual online training and exam preparation for LPI-101 and LPI-102 exams (LPIC-1).
LPIC Level 1-101 Certified Training Material (Traditional Chinese)
LPIC Level 1-102 Certified Training Material (Traditional Chinese)
ISBN: 978-986-95412-1-4
Author: Ben Lai
Publisher: Geego Systems

PaulPaulito B.V. has updated courseware for LPIC-1. The LPI-101 and LPI-102 series of training screencasts are now available for streaming by subscribers at The training modules in this series cover topics necessary for the LPIC-1 certification. Each screencast is offered in English, German and Spanish. Additional support materials such as LPI-101 and LPI-102 Practice Exams are also available at


Sybex has both an updated LPIC-1 book and courseware available at the link provided above.


VIASINC has updated e-learning courseware for LPIC-1. Please see their website for details.