Curriculum Overview

The LPI Academy currently consists of two tracks Introductory and Professional, each consisting of a layer of LPI’s credential landscape.

Note: The LPI Academy Program Pilot for North America currently includes the Introductory and Junior level of the Professional LPIC Program, more layers of the LPIC program will be added to the Academy curriculum as indicated.


The LPI Linux Essentials program is an introductory Certificate of Achievement that prepares students for a budding career in the Information and Communications Technology sector. The course is typically taught in a single semester that culminates in a single exam that is typically administered via Pearson/VUE’s worldwide testing network.


The Linux+ powered by LPI/LPIC1 program is a junior level Professional Certification that prepares students for a lucrative career as a junior System Administrator. The course is typically taught in two semesters, each ending in the taking of the appropriate exam for the topic area. For example: the first semester would focus on the LPI LPIC1 Exam

101 topics, while the second semester would focus on the LPI LPIC1 Exam 102 topics.

The graphic below shows the relationship between LPI’s Introductory and Professional Programs.

LPI Linux Essentials


  • Entry Level
  • Certificate
  • 0-12 Months
  • Installed/Desktop


LPI 101
LPI 102

  • Junior Level
  • Professional Certification
  • 1-2 Years
  • Servers/Small Site


LPI 201
LPI 202

  • Advanced Level
  • Professional Certification
  • 2-3 Years
  • Small/Medium Site


LPI 301

  • Senior Level
  • Professional Certification
  • 3+ Years
  • Enterprise-Wide

LPIC-3 Electives

LPI 302
LPI 303
LPI 304

  • Specialty Areas
  • Professional Certification
  • 3+ Years
  • Enterprise-Wide

Course Structure and Sequences

The courses that currently make up the LPI Academy curriculum are ordered to make it easy to prepare a student for the world of Linux and Open Source via a gentle but thorough introduction via LPI Linux Essentials. LPI recommends that students take the exams in the following order:

  1. LPI Linux Essentials
  2. LPIC1
  3. Exam 101
  4. LPIC1
  5. Exam 102

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