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Linux Professional Institute, as a vendor-independent organization, does not have an "official" single method of test preparation. We encourage publishers, schools and training centers to work together within the community to encourage choice, flexibility and innovation. Nevertheless, we also encourage the development of traditional training programs through our LPI Approved Training Partners (LPI-ATP) and LPI Approved Academic Partners (LPI-AAP).

LPI Approved Training Partner (LPI-ATP) and LPI Approved Academic Partner Program (LPI-AAP)

The LPI-ATP and LPI-AAP Program differentiates and substantially increases the objective standing of training organizations by showing a higher level of commitment to LPI through the use of third party training materials, LPI certified instructors, and adherence to LPI's Training and Academic Code of Ethics.

In countries where we have Regional Partners, our program is run by our local Regional Partners.

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Training organization requirements

  1. Use approved training materials where required by the local LPI Regional Partner. Please contact your regional affiliate for details.
  2. Use LPI approved instructors or provide proof of professional training as a computer instructor. Ask about our "Train the Trainer" support.
  3. In classroom learning, there will be at least one instructor (contractor or employee) in the organization that is certified at each LPI level for which they are providing training.
  4. Each training organization will be allowed some flexibility and ramp up time on the TOTAL number of certified individuals required based on organization size and market share, which will be decided on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of LPI.

Training program benefits

  • Use of the LPI Approved Training Partner or LPI Approved Academic Partner logo
  • Receipt of an attractive LPI-ATP or LPI-AAP plaque and other materials honoring their status
  • Recognition of their approved status on the LPI website
  • Frequent and expansive co-marketing opportunities, such as targeted press releases, byline sharing, coordinated email announcements, coordinated presence at conferences, access to discounted exam vouchers, and collateral recognition. Please note these and other benefits are determined by local marketing programs of LPI Regional Partners

Training program requirements

  • Adherence to the Code of Ethics
  • LPI administrative access to the course materials and facilities as required for occasional review
  • Recognition of their Approved status on marketing materials, including the organization's website

Training organization requirements

  1. The organization will provide a learning program that is of merit, reflecting the good intent, neutrality, and objective measures of the LPI certification program in the Linux community.
  2. The organization will develop, publish, and follow a clear road map for linking their Linux courses to LPI certifications so that individuals can readily plan their career development.
  3. The organization will offer courses based on accepted instructional design methodologies for each modality used. Course procedures and content will be valid and reliable.
  4. The organization will encourage hands-on and/or simulation practice as part of their program.
  5. The organization will provide objective and standardized means to evaluate student skills as part of their program.
  6. The organization will employ instructors who know the subject matter and have a demonstrated ability to teach.

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