The success of our certification program depends on the input of IT professionals and enterprises, training partners, book publishers, and exam candidates. We also look to international affiliate organizations who do the important work of promoting and marketing our certification program. In addition, we rely on the important financial contributions of corporate sponsors to assist us with the funding of new program development. Finally, we look to volunteers to assist us with our many organizational activities.

Volunteer activities at LPI include the following:

  • creation of exam items for our certification program
  • technical review and translation of our exams
  • strategic and technical counsel on our advisory committees
  • translation of our website
  • hosting our information booth at special events and tradeshows

If you are interested in volunteering with LPI please contact our office for further information.

Get involved in the community

One of the easiest ways to participate in the LPI community is to join one of our mailing lists. These lists put you in touch with others in the LPI community, sharing your interests in many different categories.

These lists are not moderated, as our community members to date have been extremely professional and courteous even when expressing passionate and/or controversial views. All the lists below are hosted by LPI using the open source mailman system, and most have archives available.

LPI presently hosts more than 15 lists. Many are associated with supporting the LPI communities in countries such as Brazil and India. The most popular discussion groups are listed below.

LPI General Discussion

The lpi-discuss list is for general discussion of LPI issues. It has many subscribers but is generally low volume. Subscribe to the lpi-discuss list

LPI Announcements

This list is useful for people who do not want to participate in interactive discussions, but are still interested in following LPI's activities.Subscribe to the lpi-announce list

Exam Development

This list is used for community discussions about LPI certification exams. It is most heavily used when an exam is being created or updated, and generally quiet otherwise. Subscribe to the lpi-examdev list

LPI Web Site Translation

This list is used for discussions related to the translation of LPI's web site. All translators are encouraged to subscribe to this list. Subscribe to the translation list

For a list of all publicly-available LPI mailing lists please see our Mailman information page.