Nanfor and LPI partnership shows demand for multi-language open source education
May 20, 2021

Nanfor and LPI partnership shows demand for multi-language open source education

Nanfor is a Spanish firm that offers training and certification in several IT areas. A new partnership between Nanfor and Linux Professional Institute (LPI) at the highest (Platinum) level represents a major advance in the strategies of both companies.

Nanfor has expressed interest in GNU/Linux and open source technologies since 2000, but these topics are not strongly represented in its courses. The partnership with LPI gives Nanfor clients access to information and certifications in this key technical area. Currently, Nanfor offers the first LPI exams leading to potential certification: 101, 102, and 201. Potential candidates can sign up for these exams at Nanfor’s site, and get a discount from the usual certification costs with training included.

This partnership also shows the benefit LPI and its community gain from efforts over the past year to offer the LPI certification tests and associated free Learning Materials in numerous languages, including Spanish. LPI has opened up, through its translations, training and certification to new populations. This partnership shows that translations into Spanish make LPI training and certification highly appealing to a Spanish company such as Nanfor.

"We are very pleased to be able to represent LPI in the Spanish-speaking market, because their certifications are the ones that generate the most employability, given that they are neutral and train candidates in the different Linux distributions that are most in demand. - Mr. Javier Lozano Moreno, CEO of Nanfor Ibérica".

Juan Ibarra, Partner Success Manager for Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain at Linux Professional Institute, says: "Nanfor Ibérica has an excellent, forward-looking team and serves as a great partner for LPI. I will make sure they get LPI's full support as they pull the open source bandwagon forward."