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Recent Technical Innovation Requires New Exams: LPIC-1 version 5.0

15 January, 2019 - by Harald Maaßen

Since October 2018, the latest versions of the LPIC-1 exams are available. Many people see the exams 101 and 102, which are required to obtain the ‘LPIC-1: Linux Administrator’ certification, as an ideal starting point to launch a career in open source. Higher-level certifications, such as LPIC-2 and LPIC-3, are useful to reach senior levels in IT administration and to increase potential earnings.... Read more

Studying for the LPI Certification Exam

9 December, 2018 - by Cesar Brod

One of the question I often answer when taking part in a Free Software or Education event is, "How can I study for the LPI Certification Exam?" The answer for this question depends a lot on the student profile. Is she a self-taught person? Do they like to study in groups? Does he need a coach or teacher? In one way or another, this follow up question is usually "where do I get materials to study for this or that exam?"... Read more

Scratching The Itch? On LPI's Academic Advisory Council

4 December, 2018 - by Brian Smith

There may be no greater return on investment, and for not just the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) or any professional or learning organization, in the quest for human knowledge, than focusing on young adults who are still planning their careers. They are the next generation of leaders.... Read more

On IBM, Microsoft, RedHat, and Loss of Innocence

12 November, 2018 - by Marcel Gagné

Forgive me as I wax nostalgic and go on about our collective lost innocence. Perhaps I should capitalize and italicize the word, "Innocence." You see, I've been doing a lot of soul-searching since the news of IBM purchasing RedHat broke a couple of weeks ago, and even now, it leaves an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach that I can't quite pin down. Do you want to hear something weird?... Read more

Open Source Journeys: In Conversation With Craig Maloney

8 October, 2018 - by Marcel Gagné

This is Episode 1 of a new podcast series. Marcel hangs out and chats with people who have been captured by the spirit and promise of Linux and Open Source software. Open Source is part philosophy, part technology, and part ideology. That's a powerful combination that sparks the imagination in different ways for different people.... Read more

Limitations and Pitfalls of Cloud Computing

4 September, 2018 - by Jon "maddog" Hall

Cloud computing companies have become commonplace. Business people recognize that cloud-based software and services make it possible to use computing resources more efficiently. Large capacity servers in massive server farms can run applications and services and provide good performance. The cloud isn’t scary anymore and everyone uses it. Even so, cloud services have their limitations and pitfalls.... Read more