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Limitations and Pitfalls of Cloud Computing

4 September, 2018 - by Jon "maddog" Hall

Cloud computing companies have become commonplace. Business people recognize that cloud-based software and services make it possible to use computing resources more efficiently. Large capacity servers in massive server farms can run applications and services and provide good performance. The cloud isn’t scary anymore and everyone uses it. Even so, cloud services have their limitations and pitfalls.... Read more

My Open Source Journey

13 August, 2018 - by Marcel Gagné

Way back, in my late teens, when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, I had created myself a geek's paradise in my basement. I had a chemistry lab, with equipment sourced through my high school, a microscope, a telescope, and an electronics lab built with equipment from Radio Shack.... Read more


26 July, 2018 - by Evan Leibovitch

It’s good to be back. After being a central part of the birth of LPI more than two decades ago, I am delighted to be back here in the role of Director of Community Development. My new role is to help guide the ongoing evolution of LPI from a certification body to a wider focus of service to the broader needs of open source professionals. There are many facets to this task:... Read more

DevOps Tools Introduction #13: Log Management and Analysis

3 April, 2018 - by Fabian Thorns

While running, most applications, containers and virtual machines constantly generate information about numerous events. These events can be anything from severe errors to a simple notice that the server successfully answered a request. Collecting and analysing this log data become challenging in a dynamic architecture or microservice environment.... Read more