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DevOps Tools Introduction #10: Ansible

13 March, 2018 - by Fabian Thorns

Objective 704.1 of the DevOps Tools Engineer exam covers configuration management using Ansible. With a weight of eight, this is one of the most important topics on the exam. This should be reflected in the time and effort spent learning and practicing with Ansible.... Read more

DevOps Tools Introduction #09: Machine Deployment

6 March, 2018 - by Fabian Thorns

The last few DevOps tools blogs focussed on container virtualization. One of the major benefits of containers is their incredibly fast startup time and their small overhead. However, containers are not suitable for every type of deployment. There are situations where real virtual machines are required.... Read more

DevOps Tools Introduction #07: Container Orchestration

20 February, 2018 - by Fabian Thorns

While individual Docker containers usually run a single program, applications in a microservice architecture are usually composed by combining multiple containers; each contributing a specific set of features that make up the complete application. Coordinating the creation and maintenance of the containers that build an application is the task of container orchestration tools.... Read more