Simone "Simo" Bertulli: Beta Certification and Membership

29 April, 2021 - by Simone Bertuilli

I often ask myself whether it is possible to define a fundamental characteristic that can make an IT professional satisfied with their career path, with an eye to the future and their own growth process. In my opinion, the most appropriate and necessary trait is continuity. Continuity as a mindset, a challenge, an objective: whatever specific interpretation we want to give it, the basic message that this concept carries is very consistent.... Read more

The People behind the Learning Portal: Nicolas Kovacs, French translations

15 April, 2021 - by Andrew Oram

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) launched the Learning Portal in June 2019. The Learning Portal is the repository of all the Learning Materials for our exams. The whole project is managed by Dr. Markus Wirtz, manager Education Programs at LPI. We designed it as an international endeavour - learning is easier in your mother tongue!... Read more

Seven ways on how to engage your community

14 April, 2021 - by Cesar Brod

I was recently invited to give a talk on how to engage communities for the LaKademy 2020 online. For those not familiar with the event, it is the meeting of Latin American users and collaborators of the KDE community.... Read more

Open Government: Where Transparency, Crowdsourcing, and Open Source Software Meet

13 April, 2021 - by Andrew Oram

The past three decades have seen the global spread of a movement combining open data, public consultations, and support for grassroots initiatives under the term "open government." Of course, calls for government transparency go back decades: for instance, the landmark Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in the U.S. was signed into law in 1966.... Read more

Simone "Simo" Bertulli: Benefits of being certified

25 March, 2021 - by Simone Bertuilli

Passion raises one’s interest in a specific topic, making you want to dive into its deepest tissues. Yet, in some cases, it is necessary to combine that passion with a fair amount of will and a coherent methodology, to place a specific skill set on solid foundations.... Read more

Who's Building Businesses Around Free and Open Source Software

16 March, 2021 - by Andrew Oram

Free and open source software occupies a unique position as a commodity and a business. Infinitely reproducible and easy to distribute (for those with good Internet access), the software has zero marginal cost (to use an economics term) but requires some expertise to create and substantial expertise to reliably maintain.... Read more