Latinoware 2022: It was great to be back

25 November, 2022 - by LPI Editorial Team

Latinoware has been one of the major Brazilian computer conferences for the past eighteen years, with a wide-ranging program combining straightforward technical topics (AI, DevOps, etc.) with the social and economic aspects of computing (smart cities, women in tech, etc.) This year, Latinoware drew thousands of attendees from many countries as well as almost every Brazilian state.... Read more

How Linux met my mother

15 November, 2022 - by LPI Editorial Team

Resistance to the new and unknown is part of human behavior. It is an evolutionary trait, which in general protects us against environmental hazards and at the same time prevents us from wasting energy unnecessarily.... Read more

How to Prepare for the Web Development Essentials Exam, Part 1: The Most Essential

2 November, 2022 - by Andrew Oram

What organization can exist today without a web page? If you know how to create a web site, you can add enormous value to any organization you work for, and find employment almost anywhere. The Web Development Essentials certificate from Linux Professional Institute (LPI) helps you demonstrate that you have the skills to contribute to a web team.... Read more

Strategic moves at Federal Academy for Cyber Education in India

13 October, 2022 - by Andrew Oram

When a college in India, the Federal Academy for Cyber Education (FACE), started a major restructuring of their program, an important part of their strategy was to become a partner of Linux Professional Institute (LPI). I talked to founder and CEO Rajeev Therodath about why they are working closely with LPI, and what benefits they hope to see.... Read more