May 2013

  • The Third Language

    By maddog on May 28, 2013

    [Warning: Highly biased and opinionated text follows. Faint of heart, please skip.]   A short time ago I blogged about how “shell” should be the first language taught, due to its usefulness for systems administration, and its prevalence in *x (Unix, Linux, OS/X, etc.) systems of every type.   In...

  • Linux Essentials "Train-the-Trainer" Workshop in Southern California

    By slamberton on May 24, 2013

    From June 3-7th, The Mid-Pacific Information and Communication Technologies Center (MPICT) and the California Community Colleges ICT Collaborative is offering a free "Train-the-Trainer" workshop on Linux Essentials instruction for LPI alumni who are Linux trainers and teachers. The 4.5 day workshop...

  • LPI "Behind the Scenes": Skills Standards and the European e-Competence Framework

    By slamberton on May 6, 2013

    LPI alumni, and the individuals who take our exams, inherently recognize that IT certification is a valuable indicator of technology skills and knowledge. Rare is the IT professional who doesn't hold a number of IT certifications. These certifications indicate to employers, clients and colleagues...