Global Knowledge: 2012 IT Skills and Salary Report

In April, Global Knowledge and TechRepublic released their "2012 IT Skills and Salary Report".  The report surveyed some 9,500 IT and other professionals from around the world (although 76% of the respondents were from North America).  Despite the continuing impact of a shaky economic recovery in 2011, the survey reported a number of optimistic indicators for IT professionals.  Some key findings:

  • Average IT salaries were up 6.2% in 2011 (the highest increase in the survey's five year history)
  • IT professionals reported an average salary of $84,258 in 2011
  • Two-thirds of the survey participants reported receiving a raise in 2011--an increase of %54 more people reporting raises over the previous year

Earned Certs

  • Average raises in 2011 were 5% of salary with IT staff in data centers, database administration, security and storage reporting the biggest pay gains.
  • Indicators confirming reports from that the demand for tech professionals is increasing with some 65% of recruiters and hiring managers reporting they would increase IT staff in 2012.
  • 80% of IT professionals perceive training increases their base salary--up from 74% last year and 64% in 2010
  • Those who trained stated their salaries were up 8.6% compared to those who did not have additional training
  • IT professionals who earned a technical certification in the last 5 years stated that the certification improved their salary by 8.2%
  • Over 80% stated that they believed certifications would increase their salary--up significantly from previous years
  • The number of staff and managers who stated that certification and training improves job performance is growing with over two-thirds stating that certification is a worthwhile career investment.  As such the number of IT professionals seeking technical certifications is increasing.
  • The report also noted a U.S. Department of Labour study which indicated that between 2010 - 2020 employment in computer occupations would grow by 22.1%  In particular, employment of systems software developers, database administrators and network architects during this time period would grow closer to 30%.
  • Security and virtualization were identified as much needed skill sets in 2012 with 41% reporting these as must-have skills (compared to 25% in 2010)
  • 38% of respondents reported that network administration and development skills would be needed within their organizations (compared to 28% in 2011)

The full report is available for download at:

Please note:  all charts are from the "2012 IT Skills and Salary Report" by Global Knowledge/TechRepublic