LPI Middle East: Linux Essentials in schools in United Arab Emirates

LPI-Middle East is presently providing a "train-the-trainer" program for LPI's Linux Essentials program for teachers at four private schools in the United Arab Emirates.  LPI's Linux Essentials program prepares secondary (high school) and post-secondary (college/university/vocational) students for a "Certificate of Achievement" in foundational skills and knowledge in Linux and Open Source Software.

The schools are at various locations of the Al Itthihad Private School in Dubai, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Al Itthihad has adopted the Linux Essentials program as part of the official school curriculum, and will be initially offering this to over 300 grade 10 students.  

<IMAGE RIGHT: LPI "train-the-trainer" exam lab in United Arab Emirates>

Feras Abou Shackra (Managing Director), LPI-Middle East: "We are pleased to assist Al Itthihad school in training their teachers to prepare their students for the Linux Essentials "Certificate of Achievement".  The use of Linux and Open Source Software is being rapidly adopted throughout the Middle East and this credential will prepare these secondary students for the real world and increase their job prospects."

<IMAGE LEFT: from an Al Itthihad school newsletter announcing the adoption of LPI's Linux Essentials program (Translation: “Technology and Education: Suspense defies routine and interaction defeats boredom“)