Open source careers: Six years from student to eLearning platform founder

15 March, 2021 - by Tola Leng

Hi from Tola! I am an enthusiast of Linux and FOSS, which I use constantly in my work as system architect for server infrastructure. I am a System Engineer with six years of experience. My responsibilities encompass three of the most popular public cloud offerings: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.... Read more

Simone “Simo” Bertulli: Notes from a SysAdmin diary

24 February, 2021 - by Simone Bertuilli

The question may seem trivial, but it is one that often arises: "is a perfect community possible?" Obviously not ☺… but you can work in that direction! Over time, I have already had the opportunity to be part of some communities, and what I have been able to learn from my experience I want to share, as I am now part of the LPI Community. Or huddle, if you want to put it in a more… penguinish way.... Read more

Open Source in the Worldwide COVID-19 Battle

17 February, 2021 - by Andrew Oram

February marks the celebration of creation of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) in 1998. OSI created the standard definition of the term Open Source that helped guide many of LPI’s initiatives today. Through the past year, open source provided many opportunities to organizations to continue to work, implement their projects, and continue reaching out to communities.... Read more

Simone “Simo” Bertulli: Six years in the company of LPI

28 January, 2021 - by Simone Bertuilli

A Membership Journey, Chapter 01 Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has recently launched its Membership Program. The Program gives you the opportunity to get more involved with the LPI mission and activities. Members enjoy substantial benefits, such as discounts on exams, services, and hardware, as well as a direct involvement in the governance of the organization by electing the LPI board.... Read more

Celebrating Open Anniversary 2021

18 January, 2021 - by Kaitlin Edwards

In 2021, the open source movement will be celebrating several important milestones, including the 30th Anniversary of Linux. This is a great opportunity to reflect about the impact the open source movement has had on your business and society as a whole. ... Read more

Free nerdy culture

15 January, 2021 - by Cesar Brod

Although we tend to emphasize the technical aspects of our Free and Open Source Software Community, the truth is that hackers and nerds in general value all kinds of Free Knowledge. Actually, Eric S. Raymond points this out in his text, How to Become a Hacker;... Read more