Belonging: What Oracle LAD's D&I program is about

23 October, 2020 - by Daniele Botaro

“The launch of Diversity Committee, where everyone can work by their selves in the thematic pillars, and where they can propose ideas and make real actions, made the transformation more significant for all employees.” (Colombian employee, Internal Survey, 2019).... Read more

Xen Virtualization and Cloud Computing #03: Key Features of Xen

15 October, 2020 - by Mohsen Mostafa Jokar

The previous articles in this series introduced virtualization and showed how Xen is designed to provide it efficiently. Here we’ll delve into some interesting features and their importance. A larger list can be found at the appropriate project page on features. At time of writing this article, the most recent version of Xen Project is 4.13.... Read more

Open source careers: How Brittany Gates found her way to Linux

7 October, 2020 - by Brittany Gates

At the end of 2019, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) celebrated 20 years of offering training and tests. The LPI20 Birthday Contest gave us the opportunity to hear from you some amazing stories about your careers in open source and how the LPI certification program helped you. Over the next weeks, we’ll share some of these stories. This is the story of Brittany, now Site Operations Technician 2 at Twitter.... Read more