The experience of taking an LPI exam online

9 December, 2020 - by Kenji Okada

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) recently announced that the LPIC-1 exams are available in Japanese online, along with the Linux Essentials exam. You can use Pearson’s OnVUE platform to take these exams. In this posting, I’ll describe what I experienced taking a test through OnVUE.... Read more

Right-to-Left Scripts and other Translation Challenges

30 November, 2020 - by Amir Garshasbi

There are many learning materials about Linux and other free technologies on the Web, free of charge and accessible around the world. But one big barrier keeps many people from reading them: most are written in English, which billions of people do not know or aren’t comfortable with. Books and courses where you can learn English are not as easy as get as Linux, because most of these materials are not free or not available in many locations.... Read more

Belonging: What Oracle LAD's D&I program is about

23 October, 2020 - by Daniele Botaro

“The launch of Diversity Committee, where everyone can work by their selves in the thematic pillars, and where they can propose ideas and make real actions, made the transformation more significant for all employees.” (Colombian employee, Internal Survey, 2019).... Read more