My Path to Making Open Source Software

11 August, 2021 - by Carlos Contreras Alvarado

I’m the kind of person who has a passion for computers and technology: since I was a boy I wondered how things work. Looking back, I can recognize some important milestones that made sense in my life and it relates to me with this world. I have pursued software development in school and in my career, working as a Python programmer, Django web site maintainer, Arduino hacker, and GNU/Linux administrator.... Read more

The LPI, the NFT and the TLAs

28 July, 2021 - by G. Matthew Rice

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) regularly hosts students and other folks with an interest in a career involving open source. Through internships, we help them gain experience and acquire new skills. In return, we get to introduce (or further expose) these interns to the world of open source software.... Read more

LPI EMEA partners met virtually

27 July, 2021 - by Max Roveri

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) hosts meetings to which Partners are invited on a regular basis throughout the year, but not specifically regional. On one side it needed to be digital; on the other, we wanted to highlight the sense of local community targeting the Partners of a specific region. So the EMEA Partner Meeting was the first of its kind in the region. After many months of planning, on June 22 we were finally live for the LPI EMEA Partner Meeting. ... Read more

Another Look at PDUs with the Members of LPI

7 July, 2021 - by Kenny Armstrong

Many people might be aware of the Linux Professional Institute’s use of Professional Development Units (PDUs) in the Membership Program (if not, now is a good time to look into it!). The implementation of the PDU is a means to illustrate the continued learning that many professionals engage in.... Read more