Rails Girls Summer of Code - Bringing Diversity to Open Source

5 March, 2020 - by Karl Dickinson

With the awesome power of community behind it, open source can reach in, shake up and improve every aspect of our lives. That’s a big part of its draw. For those among us struggling to kickstart a career in coding, experience in FOSS can facilitate routes into the all-too-elusive tech world. Yet these opportunities are not equally available to us all.... Read more

Knowledge Freedom - The Linux Professional Institute trip to Cuba

12 February, 2020 - by Cesar Brod

From November 17th to 25th of 2019, the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) team was reunited in Cuba for a series of activities involving Academia, Industry, Government, and, of course, the local Free Software Community. For Rafael Peregrino (Director of Partnerships), Eduardo Lima (Business Executive), and me, Cesar Brod (Director of Community Engagement), this was the first time on the beautiful island.... Read more

The DevOps Paradox

6 February, 2020 - by Marcel Kornegoor

As the evolution of technology marches forward, more and more tools and knowledge becomes available. We actually have so many tools and so much knowledge at our disposal nowadays that it’s sometimes difficult to choose what tool(s) we use and what knowledge we use. Of course, all tool-inventors and knowledge-makers have their own opinions, mental models, and beliefs. The same goes for Linux and Open Source engineers and management (in the broadest sense of the word).... Read more

The Developer's Conference - not only about software freedom

27 January, 2020 - by Cesar Brod

Do you know the average lifespan of a transgender human being in Brazil is 35 years? Also, 73% of them suffer verbal aggression every day and 25% have suffered physical aggression (1). Shocking, right? Is this the kind of thing you would expect to learn from a Developer's Conference? Probably not. This is just one of the reasons issues like these are raised at The Developer's Conference.... Read more

The Prides and Perils of Open (Source) Diplomacy

19 December, 2019 - by Evan Leibovitch

Decades of experience in giving speeches, keynotes, and running workshops. Done! Days of scripting and slide-making, and targeting a highly technical COSCUP audience. Done! Seventeen hours of a flight to Shanghai followed by a maglev train into the city. Done! An hour-long presentation about open source education, careers, and opportunities. Done!... Read more