Vircadia Pushes Open Source Ahead in the Metaverse

5 April, 2022 - by Andrew Oram

VR, AR, and virtual worlds have been a major focus of the computer industry for some time, spawning many expensive devices and a spike of interest in the early 2000 decade for the Second Life virtual world. Improvements in visual effects and other parts of the technology over the past few years suggest that VR/AR is indeed ready for a breakthrough.... Read more

Creating NFTs with Free and Open Source Software

11 March, 2022 - by Rozilyn Marco

An unusual educational opportunity came to Linux Professional Institute (LPI) over the summer of 2021. Two interns–Alex, a Public Relations student and myself, Rozilyn, studying electrical and computer engineering–decided to create a set of NFTs as a learning excercise. This article describes the tools used by Alex and I in enough detail that you can try them out yourself.... Read more

Sonia Ben Othman: Achieving Equity and Supporting Growth for Women and Girls in FOSS

8 March, 2022 - by Alex Lamberton

Part of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) mission of “promoting the use of open source by supporting the people who work with it” is facilitating equity. Supporting the adoption of FOSS and professional development of those that use it, in turn, allows Linux professionals to aid their communities, and creates opportunities for international development where access to IT may otherwise be infeasible. ... Read more

A hackathon's story: first GHOFOSS hackathon, Italy

3 March, 2022 - by Max Roveri

Since the start of the project for an open history of FOSS, the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) defines it as a “glocal” one. By glocal, we mean the best possible mix of global and local history, stories, and initiatives.... Read more

Open source careers: A tough start, a different future, a lot of FOSS

25 February, 2022 - by Daniel Castillo

Hi, it's Dani here; Milo for my friends. I was born 40 years ago in Bogotá, Colombia, yes: the country tagged as violent and poor. That is not something you think about when you are a child and your dreams, no matter how ambitious they are, are within your grasp. My dream was to become a scientist: to be wearing a white gown doing experiments, knowing how things work.... Read more