A Tech Trainer Discovers the Security Essentials Certification

20 March, 2023 - by David Clinton

More than a decade ago, while preparing to take my very first technology certification exam (the LPIC-1, as it happened), I learned something new about the entire certification process. Now, I was no stranger to the education world at that point: I'd been a high school teacher and administrator for the previous twenty years.... Read more

Stepping up to your personal security role

13 March, 2023 - by Jay LaCroix

Close your eyes and try to conjure an image or scenario in your mind around the phrase "cybersecurity incident". When you do so, what picture starts to form in your mind? Depending on your background and level of expertise, the image generated by your frontal cortex could very well be completely different from what's imagined by someone else. Yet security is a responsibility that we all share, even though opinions may differ from one person to the next.... Read more

Open source myth: That it has a higher total cost of ownership (TCO)

10 March, 2023 - by Jon "maddog" Hall

This myth has been long-standing. Proprietary vendors would acknowledge that there were license fees associated with their software, but would point to the costs of migrating, re-training users, and higher wages and scarcity of comparable software support due to fewer "open source people" who can run free and open source software (FOSS).... Read more

Why Seek an LPI Security Essentials Certification?

6 March, 2023 - by Wojciech Ciemski

IT security is more important than ever. We are all, as individuals and as organizations, exposed to IT security threats. Therefore, every computer user needs information about protecting computers and data.... Read more

Community Event Creates a Vision for Empowerment

3 March, 2023 - by Andrew Oram

Jumping Bean, a computer consulting firm located in a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa, received an unusual phone call in late 2022. Parents of students at a local high school, consisting predominantly of previously disadvantaged students, asked the organization to run an educational day.... Read more

Open source myth: That intruders can more easily find flaws

28 February, 2023 - by Andrew Oram

People who think that open source suffers from poor quality often air this myth as well. It seems superficially to make sense, because malicious attackers can read open code and find bugs they can exploit. These bugs are often called “zero-day vulnerabilities”because they exist in software when it is first released, and the intruder might find the flaw before legitimate developers and security researchers.... Read more