How Linux met my mother

15 November, 2022 - by LPI Editorial Team

Resistance to the new and unknown is part of human behavior. It is an evolutionary trait, which in general protects us against environmental hazards and at the same time prevents us from wasting energy unnecessarily.... Read more

La Conferencia de Desarrolladores demuestra que todos los eventos tecnológicos son eventos de software libre

27 September, 2022 - by Cesar Brod

Durante quince años, The Developers Conference ha tenido lugar en varios lugares de Brasil. Por supuesto, durante el brote de Covid-19, al igual que otras conferencias, TDC (como la llaman sus participantes), se convirtió en un evento virtual. En agosto de 2022, la TDC Business Edition regresó a un formato presencial en Sao Paulo y fue el mayor evento hasta la fecha. Tuve el honor de participar. ... Read more

How a GNU/Linux Distribution Succeeds, Part 1: Two Long-Lasting Examples

13 September, 2022 - by Andrew Oram

In the world of GNU/Linux distributions, many flourish like grass and then wither away. Despite many appealing elements, a lot of distributions lack staying power. But the ones that have been most successful share some key traits among their great diversity–I discovered that while researching this article.... Read more

The Secret of Morrolinux’s Success - Part 2: The Future

8 August, 2022 - by Max Roveri

This article contains the second part of Massimiliano “Max” Roveri, Linux Professional Institute’s Community Manager, interview with Moreno Razzoli, aka Morrolinux, Linux champion, YouTuber, and, now, LPI Partner.  In the first leg of the interview, we talked with Moreno about the origins of his passion for FLOSS and the Morrolinux channel.... Read more