LPI at Open Rhein Ruhr

Explore the issues and skills related to free software. Save on certifications. Linux Professional Institute (LPI) invites you to Open Rhein Ruhr November 4th and 5th in Oberhausen, Germany.... Read more

LPI Reviews DevOps at OSEC Forum

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) invites you to the Open Source Education Centre (OSEC) Forum on June 6th, 2017 in Warsaw, Poland to tap into the evolving world of open source technology and the fun, thriving open source community. The OSEC Forum is the perfect event to attend whether you are an IT Manager, a System Administrator, or a Product Owner -- regardless of the industry in which you work or your skill level.... Read more

Love Linux? Join us at 14LinuxSession this weekend!

This weekend LPI is excited to sponsor and speak at 14LinuxSession in Wroclaw, Poland, from May 6th - 7th. As the name suggests, 14LinuxSession is a conference that gathers Linux enthusiasts and experts from around the globe to talk all things open source. We’ll be exploring the latest open source solutions, as well as the hottest trends in Linux-based systems.... Read more

LPI at open source Day 2016

On April 26th the Linux Professional Institute Central Europe participated as one of the patrons of media at the Conference open source Day 2016 in Warsaw, Poland. The open source Day is probably the biggest event in Poland dedicated to open source solutions and is also one of the most interesting events of the Polish IT sector with nearly 1000 attendees each year.... Read more