East African Conference on Open Source (EACOS 2022)

10 May, 2022 - by Evans Ikua

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) in partnership with the Eastern African open source community hosted the second East African Conference on Open Source (EACOS-2022) from April 26 to 27, 2022. The event was held as a hybrid event for the first day and as a fully virtual event on the second day. This came as a follow up to the inaugural EACOS held in 2019 at the United States International University for Africa (USIU).... Read more

A Dedication to FOSS: Interview with LPI Volunteer Elayne Lemos

5 May, 2022 - by Andrew Oram

Elayne Lemos, a programmer employed at LPI partner Sysvale, is a "star volunteer" at LPI. According to LPI's Community Engagement Director for the Spanish and Portuguese Regions, Elayne is their best translator between English and Portuguese, as well as a helper at several events. Readers can witness her mastery of English, as well as her passion and talent for open source technologies, in the following interview.... Read more

The People Behind the Learning Portal: Flávio Schefer

7 April, 2022 - by Max Roveri

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) established its Learning Portal in June 2019 as the repository of all the Learning Materials for LPI’s exams. The project is managed by Dr. Markus Wirtz, LPI’s Learning Materials Manager. The Learning Portal is, since its very beginning, an international endeavor, because learning is easier if you can study in your mother tongue.... Read more