Entry Level Credential

The LPI Linux Essentials Certificate defines the basic knowledge required to competently use a desktop or mobile device using a Linux Operating System. Those achieving the certificate are most likely end-users of a managed system. The LPI Linux Essentials Program will guide and encourage youth (and those new to Linux and Open Source) to understand the place of Linux and Open Source in the context of the broader IT industry.

LPI Linux Essentials Certificate

  • Understands the basic concepts of processes, programs and the components of an Operating System.
  • Has a basic knowledge of computer hardware
  • Demonstrates a knowledge of Open Source Applications in the Workplace as they relate to Closed Source equivalents.
  • Understands navigation systems on a Linux Desktop and where to go for help.
  • Has a rudimentary ability to work on the command line and with files.
  • Can use a basic command line editor.
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