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(Editor’s Note: this blog post is provided by Fabrice Mous of LPI-Netherlands. Fabrice regularly blogs on LPI and other issues pertaining to Free and Open Source Software in the Netherlands).

It oftenFosdem happens that one becomes inspired and energized by people that you meet with and the activities that happen around you. I had this great feeling when I was at FOSDEM this February–an extremely popular two-day open source community event in Brussels, Belgium.

The good vibe stems from the fact that at this event community involvement and commitment is at its best. Everywhere you look people are discussing open source projects and ideas. When lingering through the corridors and the halls of the university where the event was held you could feel the innovation and buzz happening around you.

A Dutch delegation of LPI (LPI-NL) attended the event to represent LPI but also because we were organizing LPI community exams both days of the event. LPI exams at FOSDEM have become somewhat of a tradition. We feel that these exams provide an easy and affordable way for members of the open source community to certify their knowledge and skills with a Linux certification that is recognized worldwide. This year the demand for LPI exams was huge and LPI-NL had to organize at least five exam sessions where FOSDEM participants could take exams at all levels of LPI certification (LPIC-1, LPIC-2, LPIC-3). The organization of these LPI exams at FOSDEM may rightly be called a resounding success with a total of 131 examinations taken!

This year LPI-NL also arranged some LPI presentation sessions provided by Marcel Nijenhof and Emiel Brok– members of the LPI-NL team. In the first session, the organisation behind LPI was explained and how the representation of LPI in Belgium and the Netherlands is arranged. Discussions included the achievements of the Dutch LPI organisation to date, LPI-NL’s vision of the current certification market and the focus of activities for the the upcoming year. In the second session, Marcel Nijenhof provided practical information about LPI exams and informed exam candidates on the exact process of examination. Both sessions were well attended and the participants were very vocal about topics like the status of the current labor market, the role of Linux within the educational sector and also the growing amount of open source jobs over the past year.

View more presentations from LPI Nederland.
FOSDEM is huge and keeps expanding. This last event attracted around 6000 people in two days, offered 326 talks and almost 40 community booths could be visited. “FOSDEM has become somewhat a victim of its own succes” says Pascal Bleser, one of the main organizers of FOSDEM. “We definitely have to grow again next year in terms of space, number of buildings and rooms because the amount of people is just unbelievable.”

When talking to people of the FOSDEM organisation it is apparent that the two organizations, FOSDEM and LPI are very much committed to each other. Next year LPI will faithfully attend and provide LPI community exams to the FOSDEM vistors. See you at FOSDEM next year!

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