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LPI invites all alumni and registered candidates to join us at SUSECon 2012 and openSUSE Summit in Orlando, Florida: SUSECon–September 18-21/openSUSE Summit September 22-23.

During SUSECon 2012 LPI will host an exhibitor and information booth (all LPI alumni are welcome to drop by and visit us!): Booth 105, Hall D and E, Exhibit Hall, Grand Caribe Royale Hotel and Covention center, Orlando, Florida.

Featured LPI sessions during these SUSE events include the following (all are located in the Grand Sierra Ballroom, Room F: Caribe Royale Hotel in Orlando, Florida–session numbers are for SUSECon registration purposes):

Wednesday, Sept.19:

(1) 1:00pm-2:15pm: “Catching the Wave of Open Source Careers” (Session LPI1980)
(2) 2:30pm-3:45pm: The Linux Professional Institute Certification Program ((Session LPI1982)

Thursday, Sept.20:

(3) 2:00pm-5:00pm: LPI-101 ExamCram (LPI1981)

Friday, Sept.21:

(4) 9:30am – 11:15am: LPI Exam Lab (SUSECon 2012: LPI1983)
(5) 1:00pm – 4:00pm: LPI Exam Lab (openSUSE Summit)

Saturday, Sept.22:

(6) 10:15 am: “Community Engagement and Linux Certificaion to Advance your IT Career”

Detailed session information as follows:

(1) Linux Professional Institute: Catching the Wave of Open Source Careers

Within the classic model of technology adoption, Linux and other Open Source technologies have clearly moved beyond the “Early Adopters” to the “Early Majority” phase. This wave of adoption will soon crest and IT professionals with Linux and Open Source skills will be in high demand.

This presentation will focus on how to further your IT career through accreditation, community involvement and active participation in relevant social media networks. This information session will provide examples from around the world of the growing demand for Linux/OSS professionals, tips for enhancing your career prospects, and a surf board/tool kit that will enable you to ride the “big wave” of Linux/Open Source adoption.

Presenter: Ross Brunson, Director of Member Services

(2) The Linux Professional Institute Certification Program

The session will include the elements of exam development (Job Task Analysis, Subject Matter Experts, and Objective Development) and describe the requirements for obtaining a Linux Professional Institute certification (specifically LPIC-1). This will include a breakdown of the technical content of the second exam required for LPIC-1–the LPI-102 exam. This presentation will also touch on the relationship between LPIC-1 and the SUSE Certified Linux Administrator certification.

Presenter: G.Matthew Rice, Director of Product Development

(3) LPI-101 ExamCram

LPI-101 is one of two exams necessary to obtain the Linux Professional Institute Certification, Level One (LPIC-1).

LPIC-1 is a vendor neutral certification for Linux system administration. Individuals who obtain LPIC-1 are automatically eligible to receive their SUSE Certified Linux Administrator certification. In order to successfully pass the LPIC-1 exams, you should have at least one year of Linux experience. This course is a half day event designed to help prepare an experienced Linux user to take the LPI-101 exam towards their LPIC-1 certification.

This ExamCram session includes information on exam structure, question types, and how to use practical experience and one’s knowledge of Linux to determine the correct answers to exam questions. Participants in this ExamCram session will also gain important tips, tricks and techniques in order to successfully complete and pass their LPI exams. The presenter on this subject has provided ExamCram and LPI training for 10 years, and welcomes all questions during his exam cram sessions.

Presenter: Ross Brunson, Director of Member Services

(4)(5) LPI Exam Labs

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) will be offering all of its popular LPIC exams during SUSECon 2012.

LPI exams are available at a promotional rate of $99 per exam–except for LPI-301 which will be $219. Details about the different exams are available on the LPI certification web page (http://www.lpi.org/linux-certifications). To ensure exam availability please register in advance at events@lpi.org and indicate preferred exam(s) or time slot(s).

To participate in the exam labs you must obtain an LPI ID at LPI’s registration area: http://www.lpi.org/register

On the day of the exam, candidates may make payment for their exams by cheque 15 minutes prior to the exam lab. Otherwise payment can be made in advance via Paypal. Each exam takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Exam candidates should bring their LPI ID and a government issued photo identification to the exam lab.

For more information on LPI exam labs during SUSECon 2012 and openSUSE please contact LPI staff at the LPI booth during SUSECon 2012.

Presenter: Brooke Gresham, Operational Support Manager

More info on LPI sessions during SUSECon 2012 may be found at: https://www.susecon.com/scheduler/catalog.do

(6) openSUSE: “Community Engagement and Linux Certification to Advance your IT Career”

This is an informal and wide-ranging session on how community involvement in Open Source projects and a Linux certification can assist your career development. Presenters from the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), G.Matthew Rice, LPI’s Director of Product Development and R.Brunson, LPI’s Director of Member Services will reflect on their own experience with Linux and Free Software projects, IT training, and involvement with SUSE. Other subjects covered will include LPI’s exam development process and other community projects at LPI.

Anyone holding a registered LPI ID who is planning to attend either SUSECon or the openSUSE Summit should contact LPI for a variety of conference registration discounts at info@lpi.org

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