Media Advisory: New LPI Program Announcements

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This upcoming Tuesday, March 6th LPI will make announcements on two new international initiatives in Linux education and accreditation.

Doha/Qatar (13:OO GMT/UTC): Jim Lacey, president and CEO will announce a new training and certification program in partnership with the International Telecommunication Union within the nations represented by the League of Arab States.  Mr. Lacey will make the announcement following his participation in an ITU expert roundtable at the Connect Arab Summit in Doha, Qatar.  The roundtable on ICT innovation is entitled “Educate.Create.Employ”.

Hanover/Germany (14:00 GMT/UTC): LPI-Central Europe and other representatives of LPI will announce a new program in Linux education at the international technology conference, CeBIT 2012. The new Linux education program will be launched in June 2012 and is entitled “Linux Essentials”

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