LPI Essentials Exams - Odkryj nowe obszary

10 May, 2023 - by Franz Knipp

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) jest dobrze znany jako dostawca egzaminów w dziedzinie Linuksa i narzędzi open source, gdzie oferuje certyfikaty dla całego spektrum od początkujących do specjalistów i ekspertów. Ale tak jak Linux penetruje coraz więcej obszarów w ostatnich latach, tak samo otwierają się nowe opcje dla certyfikatów wprowadzających. Certyfikaty te mogą być wyświetlane wraz z twoimi referencjami po ich zdobyciu i nigdy nie muszą być odnawiane.... Read more

How Linux changed my life: Sam "Si" Wachira

21 April, 2023 - by Sam “Si” Wachira

I've been a computer tinkerer and enthusiast for free and open source software (FOSS) from a young age. When I started out, I had no idea where Linux and FOSS would take me professionally, or that it would play a major part in every day of mine. This posting explains how I got to be a Red Hat staffer, and how Linux Professional Institute (LPI) helped.... Read more

Antonio Perpinan: Open Source Proponent in the Spanish-Speaking World

19 April, 2023 - by Andrew Oram

In the early years of free and open source software–according to Hernán Pachas Magallanes, LPI Account Executives Team Leader–documentation was almost exclusively in English. Because open source is no longer for developers and hackers, and is being promoted widely among populations ranging from elementary schools to the elderly, documentation in each group's native language is desperately needed. Spanish documentation is improving, according to Pachas.... Read more

Become an LPI Member and Set Our Future Direction

5 April, 2023 - by Andrew Oram

As a global organization offering certifications in more than 180 countries, and as a non-profit, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) seeks broad diversity on its Board of Directors. If you have obtained a professional level certification through LPI, you can become an LPI Member and vote for the Board or and even run in the Board elections.... Read more

A Tech Trainer Discovers the Security Essentials Certificate

20 March, 2023 - by David Clinton

More than a decade ago, while preparing to take my very first technology certification exam (the LPIC-1, as it happened), I learned something new about the entire certification process. Now, I was no stranger to the education world at that point: I'd been a high school teacher and administrator for the previous twenty years.... Read more