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Advogado pelo uso de código aberto

No Linux Professional Institute (LPI), somos uma equipe de apoiadores de código aberto trabalhando para ajudar as pessoas a transformar sua paixão em profissão. Por meio de programas de certificação e associação, estamos ajudando a desenvolver talentos pessoais e profissionais que criam carreiras e aumentam o pool global de talentos de código aberto.

Estamos procurando pessoas que compartilhem nossa missão social para crescer e advogar pelo uso de software de código aberto, uma pessoa de cada vez. Estamos empolgados em oferecer uma série de oportunidades para mostrar seus talentos e servir uma missão maior.

Join the Community!

We are here to help promote your involvement as a local authority in open source, offering networking and other opportunities. Participation will also count towards your membership PDUs.

Share Your Voice



If you have something to share and you’d like to write about it, pitch us your ideas!


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Help out at Community Events



Are you looking to grow your network and build your resume? Volunteer your time at events by helping out at our booth.


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Contribute to Translations




Are you multilingual? Help out your community through translating and reviewing Linux and open source material.


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Join the Exam Development Team



Creating fair and sound certifications and exam questions is hard. If you're interested in learning more about how LPI credentials are made and helping out, keep reading.




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Contribute to the Learning Materials



With a growing education and certification path in free and open source, we're always looking for more authors, reviewers, and translators that would like to share their knowledge and technical expertise in an impactful manner.



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Participate in a Committee



Do you want to help guide and LPI throughout the year and not just at the annual AGM. With the diversity that comes from being an open source-focused community, committees and working groups are a means of communicating and creating something of mutual benefit.


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Additional opportunities

Linux Professional Institute will always encourage the support of open source advocacy and community, have a look at other opportunities below where you can get involved.

    Mental Health Matters

    Mental health is a growing concern for everyone with the WHO estimating almost half a billion people currently struggling with some form of mental illness. We’re always on the lookout for organizations that are active in mental health issues and urge everyone to get involved or, at least, informed on this topic. If it isn’t you, chances are someone close to you is suffering.



    The Linux Professional Institute’s platform of choice is Debian.
    It’s a great distribution and community and they are always looking for new people to help out.


    Do you write code? In any language? The Exercism project is a 100% free and volunteer-driven organization where people can hone their programming craft under the guidance of volunteer mentors. The project is always looking for language track maintainers and mentors.


    FreeBSD Foundation

    The FreeBSD Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support and development of the FreeBSD project and its communities.


    Varied (technical and non-technical)