Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Media Partner of OpenFest Sofia ’23

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Media Partner of OpenFest Sofia '23

November 4 – 5, 2023

About OpenFest

OpenFest is Bulgaria’s premier annual gathering celebrating open culture and free software. The XXI edition aims to be a beacon for open-source projects and to provide a platform for exchanging ideas and best practices. The event is free to attend and does not require prior registration.

Why You Should Attend

Join us in a festival of open creativity that combines technology, art, and a community ethos. Whether you’re a developer, an artist, or just someone interested in open culture, OpenFest has something to offer.

LPI’s Involvement

The Linux Professional Institute is pleased to partner with OpenFest, contributing to the open-source ecosystem in Bulgaria. We share OpenFest’s mission of bringing together individuals who are passionate about free software and open culture.

Special Workshop: Linux Essentials in a Nutshell

Presented by Dimitar Zahariev, a dedicated open-source advocate and an LPI partner in Bulgaria. This workshop will provide an interactive introduction to crucial LPI’s Linux Essentials Certificate concepts.

Exclusive Offers

Don’t miss the opportunity to receive exclusive LPI exam discount coupons available only to OpenFest 2023 attendees for a limited time.

We look forward to meeting you at OpenFest 2023!

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