LPI’s Partner ITHUM Webinar: LPIC-3 Security – how to become a Linux security black belt (ITA)

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In celebration of European Cyber Security Month, ITHUM is organizing, under the sponsorship of ICT Academy® and Clusit, and Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the free webinar (In Italian):

LPI LPIC-3 Security: How to Become a Linux Security Black Belt (LPI LPIC-3 Security: come diventare Cintura Nera di Linux Security)

The webinar will be held on Tuesday, October 25, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. (Rome), using Zoom after booking via Eventbrite.  LPI is offering a 30% discount off an LPI exam voucher.

The webinar consists of a 30-minute talk and discussion.

The webinar is an introduction to cybersecurity topics in general and focuses on the added value of LPI’s LPIC-3 Security certification.

The webinar is held by Simone “Simo” Bertulli, Cyber Security Analyst – Telsy C/O at ENI – LPI Member, LPI Evangelist. Simo, an LPI Member, is a true black belt in cybersecurity and will reveal some background on the hottest topics of the moment and some tips on how to maximize the added value of certifications in one’s career path.

Simo will introduce us to his role and tasks in the field of cybersecurity, an area that has become very “popular” in recent times, all the more so given the current geopolitical scenario; Simo will be sharing experiences on real cases of threats and attacks.

Simo will then tell us about his career path and how his career has benefited from the parallel path in the field of LPI certifications since the beginning.

Career and education overlap perfectly in the case of the LPIC-3 Linux Security certification: Simo will explain why a professional should acquire it and how to approach it, analyzing in a simple and clear way topics and objectives of the exam, and giving some examples taken from his working life and related to those very goals and topics.

Co-speaker: Max Roveri, Community Manager, LPI.
Moderator: Marco Ciampi, CEO of ITHUM.

Event accessible by web conference, after booking via Eventbrite.
Participants are issued a certificate of attendance.


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