[LPIC:202] Practical LDAP Server Construction (2) – Let’s Implement LDAP Authentication

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On Sunday, December 17, 2023, at 13:00, LPI Japan Chapter will hold a webinar “[LPIC:202] Practical LDAP Server Construction (2) – Let’s Implement LDAP Authentication”.

In this webinar, Hiroyuki Nagashima will explain in detail.

In September, November, and December, he will give three lectures on LDAP servers, which is the scope of the LPIC202 exam.

This month’s lecture, ” [ LPIC:202 ] LDAP from the Basics: The Role and Structure of LDAP Servers,” was held in September.
LPIC:202] Practical LDAP Server Construction (1) – Environment Construction + Adding and Managing Users -” in November.
This is the third lecture following the

Videos of the first and second lectures are available on Youtube.

In the third lecture, we will implement the authentication function in the LDAP server.

Let’s make use of the learning knowledge and deepen your practical understanding.
*OS is assumed to be CentOS7.

You can refer to the lecture and build your own environment at the same time!

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