Linux Professional Institute Learning Materials in Ukrainian

After translating Linux Essentials into Ukrainian, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is pleased to offer their complete Learning Materials for Web Development Essentials freshly translated into that language. LPI’s sincere thanks go to Nataliia Poliakova and Serhii Dziuba for their translation work under difficult circumstances.

“Language is always part of a culture, and it is our intention, with the translation of the Learning Materials into Ukrainian, to support a culture that is acutely threatened in many ways. In this manner, translators for underrepresented languages are welcome to contribute to our Learning Materials”, says Dr. Markus Wirtz, Senior Product Manager at LPI.

Zaporizhzhia National University has educational programs for Bachelors and Masters in Software Engineering. Our students, who are software developers, must be comfortable with all popular operating systems and current technologies. So an opportunity to learn the technologies through materials from LPI in their native language is extremely important for our students and for all IT students in Ukraine”, adds Nataliia Poliakova, Professor at the Engineering Educational&Scientific Institute of the Zaporizhzhia National University

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