Will AI Replace Developers?

Will AI Replace Developers?

The technology industry has already seen more than 230,000 job cuts since the beginning of 2023. The feeling one gets from these widespread layoffs, the collapse of crypto asset prices, and the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is that the golden balloon that is Silicon Valley has popped. On the other hand, AI-related job opportunities are increasing, and the rapid evolution of Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is bringing about major changes in a variety of industries. In these unpredictable times, we will discuss how developers should plan their career strategies and learn AI.

Layoffs and the Background of the Surge in the IT Industry

As just noted, layoffs have been increasing in the IT industry in recent years. There are several reasons for this. One is the temporary increase in demand due to the pandemic and the subsequent drop in demand. In addition to this, some developers’ work has been replaced by AI, which has automated and streamlined operations. However, we should not forget that layoffs are not only a negative phenomenon, but also an improvement in corporate structure promoting an increase in stock prices. One thing is certain: The development of AI technology brings new opportunities as well as losses, and developers need to be flexible to adapt to these changes.

Programmers need to develop appropriate strategies to protect their careers. Keeping up with new technological trends and continually learning skills is essential; given the widespread application of AI to a range of industries and customer interactions, developers need to keep up with the evolution of AI technology and acquire AI-related skills and knowledge to increase their competitiveness.

In addition to technical skills, it is also important to build a stronger career by becoming familiar with other industries, society as a whole, and the economy.

AI skills are currently experiencing a rapid increase in market value. In Japan, for example, the AI systems market is growing at well over 25% per year. With demand for AI technology growing, developers with AI skills can build promising careers.

Data shows that the average annual salary of AI professionals continued to rise during 2018-2021, even as the annual salary of IT professionals in Japan declined. This indicates that developers with AI skills are in very high demand. Therefore, acquiring AI skills is a promising option.

How will developers learn AI technology?

Learning AI technology is a matter of acquiring both basic knowledge and practical learning. First, online courses and training programs can effectively introduce AI technologies. It is also a good idea to actively participate in AI communities and share information. Additionally, it is important to develop AI skills through your own projects and practical experience. In short, developers should hone their skills while taking advantage of a wide range of learning resources.

The development skills that developers have learned so far will not be wasted. Development skills and AI skills are complementary and can create more value when applied together. As developers acquire AI skills, they will be able to streamline the development process and generate new creativity. The combination of development skills with AI skills is expected to become increasingly important, as it will enable problem solving from multiple perspectives.

Non-programmers can open the door to a career in programming and AI by learning web development. The skills needed to create a web site present an easy progression of steps to programming: from HTML and CSS through the JavaScript programming language and then more complex back-end libraries such as Node.js and Express. These technologies form the core of LPI’s Web Development Essentials certificate.

Programming for the web is a valuable skill in any field, because of the ubiquity of the web, but the discipline also gives the learner a programming mind-set (a way of thinking) that can be applied to other languages and to AI development.

Some people think that, because AI can write programs, it will soon be unnecessary for people to learn to program. But the importance of humans in programming won’t go away soon, if ever. AI can help people program at a higher level: to think of goals, architecture, user experience (UX), security, and other aspects of the program.


The evolution of AI technology is having a profound impact on developers, but it also generates new opportunities. It is important for developers to review their own career strategies and keep up with the technologies that will shape the future by learning AI skills and responding to emerging technology trends. Combining development skills with AI skills can provide broader value. Continued attention to the evolution of AI technology will lead to stronger careers as developers continue to update their own skills.

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About Sachiko Nakase:

Sachiko Nakase is the CEO of Avinton Japan. Founded in 2010, Avinton Japan provides AI/machine learning, data analysis, consulting services and software development services mainly in Japan and Asian countries. We are also expanding sales of our own solutions - edge AI camera and data platform, which we developed based on our global experience and know-how for customers around the world.

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