LPIC-1 Webinar Recording (Japanese language)

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has released a LPIC-1 version 5.0 webinar recording hosted by Kazushi Miura from certified platinum training partner Skill Brain Inc..

The LPIC-1 is designed to reflect current research and validate a candidate’s proficiency in real world system administration. The objectives are tied to real-world job skills, which we determine through job task analysis surveying during exam development.

LPIC-1 version 5.0 exams include the knowledge of cloud technology knowledge. Please watch the webinar for additional details. Not only students and technicians but also Linux teachers are welcome to visit this Webinar!

Skill Brain Inc.

Skill Brain Inc. provides education consulting and training for OSS engineers. They provide variable course materials for engineers to get certified. Every course has its basic and advanced training.


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