Climbing the Pyramid

Just a few weeks ago, Linux Professional Institute announced a complete refresh of its Level 3 exams, the second since its founding. As with our other certifications, the LPIC-3 program is under constant review to ensure that what we test … Weiterlesen

Open Access Flips Hundreds of Years of Scientific Research, Part 2

A true revolution has hit academia over the past couple decades, changing how publications fund their work and in consequence the ways researchers share information. The previous article in this series introduced Open Access, describing its benefits and how it … Weiterlesen

Open Access Flips Hundreds of Years of Scientific Research

We have viewed the spirit of openness from many angles—in free software, open government, and many other trends—in the Open Anniversary series published on this LPI site during 2021. No field has been more transformed by this spirit than academic … Weiterlesen

Grounding For Open Source Foundations: An Interview with Martin Michlmayr

Foundations play a crucial role in open source. Few free software projects can set up a non-profit corporation and legal protection for their code, organize a board of directors to handle all their administrative needs, or raise the necessary funds. … Weiterlesen

Simone “Simo” Bertulli: Lpic-3 Security – How to Approach the Certification

When you are LPIC-2 certified and start looking at the highest level of certification in Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the LPIC-3 specializations, you are faced with a choice. On the one hand, a better and more extensive academic preparation would … Weiterlesen

Why I started… and ended up loving open source software

Twenty-two years ago, I attended a few lessons about a “new” operating system, Red Hat Linux 4.2. At that time, my notes about the training were basic commands, enough to fill a little sheet of paper: my first cheat sheet … Weiterlesen

Why Free and Open Source Software is So Highly Valued

The millions of projects on GitHub (just the largest of several code sharing sites) prove that people love to share software. Even though not all the projects have free licences, their availability for public examination shows that code sharing meets … Weiterlesen

SFD 2021: An 11-hour community gathering

To be honest, we didn’t know what to expect. In retrospect, the year 2020 may have been a very odd year for Linux Professional Institute (LPI) to get initially involved with international Software Freedom Day (SFD). After all, this has … Weiterlesen

Steps Toward a Great Career in Free and Open Source Software, Part 2

The previous article described the benefits of a career in free and open source software along with four steps toward getting the skills you need for such a career. This article concludes the series with three more steps that put … Weiterlesen

The People Behind the Learning Portal: Marco Colombo, Learning Materials Author and Translator

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Learning Portal brings you cost-free teaching materials for teachers and students developed by Linux Professional Institute. Materials are written and translated into many different languages by members of an international community.  With this post, we … Weiterlesen

Steps Toward a Great Career in Free and Open Source Software, Part 1

A career in free and open source software can be not only satisfying, but financially rewarding. You feel the excitement of being part of intense, goal-directed communities and of furthering projects that benefit people around the world. Because free software … Weiterlesen

11 Reasons to Switch From Windows to Linux

Today Microsoft releases its first major new version of Windows in more than six years, tagging this version of its flagship operating system with the number 11. The question is on the minds of millions: Windows 10? Or Windows 11? … Weiterlesen