Why I Joined the LPI Board of Directors — Uirá Ribeiro

As a technologist, author, and trainer, I have devoted my career to bringing technology to people who lack access. I’ll explain in this article how joining the LPI Board of Directors contributes to my goals. Free and open source software … Per saperne di più

mundialis: Shaping OS Remote Sensing

Introducing mundialis, a company at the forefront of FOSS businesses, blending free geodata and open-source software in remote sensing. mundialis is known for its commitment to generating spatial information and developing tailored FOSS solutions. We spoke with Markus Neteler, Co-Founder … Per saperne di più

LPI Certifications and the Netherlands National Qualification Framework

Stichting Praktijkleren is a foundation that promotes vocational education in the Netherlands, formed almost twenty years ago by a group of schools here. Since then, every one of the Netherlands regional training centers (ROCs) have affiliated with us. Together with … Per saperne di più

“Tangible” Cybersecurity: Devices and Storage

This article is the fourth in our ongoing series on cybersecurity, authored by Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Member Simo Bertulli. In this installment, we go deeper into the realm of device and storage security, shedding light on fundamental principles and … Per saperne di più

Linux Shows What Computing Really Is: Jhenisson’s Journey

In the field of Information Technology, every professional has a unique journey that shapes their expertise and career path. In this blog posting, we meet Jhenisson Brito, an LPI-certified professional from Brazil. His story unveils the challenges, motivations, and pivotal … Per saperne di più

Why I Joined the LPI Board of Directors – Emmanuel Nguimbus

As a computer engineer with 12 years of experience in Africa, I joined the LPI Board to help LPI become the leader in the field of Linux certifications. I want to improve LPI’s marketing and increase the amount of translations … Per saperne di più

Learning Equality: Transforming Education through FOSS

In our series highlighting remarkable FOSS initiatives, we turn our attention to Learning Equality and their transformative platform, Kolibri. This innovative project tackles the critical issue of educational access, bridging the gap for learners in low-resource and disconnected environments. Through … Per saperne di più

SCaLE ’24 Between Open Source & Innovation

From March 14-17, the Pasadena Convention Center buzzed with the energy of SCaLE 21x – the premier open-source event in North America. Drawing over 3000 enthusiasts, developers, and professionals, SCaLE provided a platform for sharing, learning, and collaboration within the … Per saperne di più

Open Education: The Many Ways to Target World Disparities

It’s universally recognized that education is the basis for solving problems everywhere: poverty, the status of women, adaptation to environmental disruption, and more. Anything that can spread high-quality education—and nowadays, we must specifically call for accurate education—is therefore contributing to … Per saperne di più

Why I Joined the LPI Board of Directors – Jon “maddog” Hall

Why am I active as a Board Director of the Linux Professional Institute? It certainly is not the money that I am paid, as it is completely a voluntary position. It is not the fame or stature that I receive, … Per saperne di più

LPI at PSITE ’24: Championing IT Certification

This March, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) was thrilled to participate in the Philippine Society of IT Educators’ (PSITE) National Convention 2024 at the Mallberry Suites Business Hotel in Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines. The convention, themed “New Era of Education: … Per saperne di più

Why I Joined the LPI Board of Directors – Ted Matsumura

My name is Ted Matsumura, and I am currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). In this article I’ll explain why I joined the Board and what my experience there has been like. I … Per saperne di più