From Passion to Profession: Morrolinux’s Journey in FOSS

Is turning your passion into a profession possible? According to my experience, the answer is: YES. Does turning your passion into a profession mean you are just taking a shortcut around the tedious life journey of going to school and … Weiterlesen

A Crash Course in Cryptography

There are many fascinating topics in the universe of Information Security, but if I had to place one above all others (this being a purely personal opinion), Cryptography would occupy the highest level. This topic has its deepest roots in … Weiterlesen

Transforming Corporate Culture Through FOSS

Exploring the transformative impact of open source on corporate culture, this article by Ricardo Prudenciato delves into how embracing open-source methodologies not only revolutionizes software development but also fosters a collaborative, innovative work environment. That environment is covered by the … Weiterlesen

LPI in Brussels: European FOSS Insights and Innovations

In February, I had the pleasure of representing Linux Professional Institute (LPI) at several high-level Open Tech events in Brussels. It was a week brimming with activity for enthusiasts and professionals alike in the open source community. Photo: Day … Weiterlesen

Open Source Licenses: Source Code and the Legal Code

Among the objectives for the new Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Open Source Essentials certificate, the candidate has to deal with legal aspects of developing and using open source software in a professional environment. These aspects include license compliance, legal compliance, … Weiterlesen

FOSS, Privacy, and Innovation: Meet Tuta Mail

Tuta Mail is one of the privacy-preserving software projects with a big potential impact. In this interview with Tuta, we explore the transformative role of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in both the business realm and its broader social … Weiterlesen

Roles in Open Source: Bringing Order to the Chaos

By nature, software developers – and especially open source software developers – tend to value their independence. And like all of us, they each have opinions about how things should be done. So dealing with disagreements can be all part … Weiterlesen

The Big Open Source Vision at Schleswig-Holstein

A German state made big news recently by announcing that it was shifting to an open source strategy. Press releases focused on the decision of Schleswig-Holstein’s management to replace Microsoft Office with LibreOffice, the most popular open source office suite. … Weiterlesen

Community Survey – Let Us Know What Matters to You

A new community survey from the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is now live. We offer these surveys every 5 years, so please visit the link and help us better understand your needs and priorities. Our goal is to continue to … Weiterlesen

Open Source Essentials is Essential

Over three years ago Evan Leibovitch and I started advocating for a certification that we nicknamed “BOSS: The Business of Open Source Software”. The motivation for creating this certification was two-fold. We wanted to reach out to managers of Open … Weiterlesen

Cybersecurity: Essential(s) Concepts

Over the past 10 to 15 years, technology adoption has virtually exploded, and staying ahead of the curve has become increasingly difficult—for companies as well as individual experts. But it is not just the chase for continued innovation that grips … Weiterlesen

Open Source Sustainability at the University of California

One of the largest networks of universities in the world, the University of California (UC), is undertaking a major effort to increase its use and production of free and open source software. Central to this effort is the concept of … Weiterlesen