What You Should Know to Apply for the LPI Board

Dear potential candidate for the LPI Board of Directors, First of all, thank you for even considering running for the Board of Directors of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). We are approaching the June 22nd, 2024 LPI Annual General Meeting … Weiterlesen

My Journey From Novice to Expert with LPI: Jose Alvarez

My adventure with Linux began in the vibrant classrooms of a small educational institute in Costa Rica. At that time, I was a stranger to the intricate world of Linux and Unix. A chance encounter with an extraordinary professor, Felipe … Weiterlesen

Dublin’s DataCentres Ireland ’23: Technology and Innovation

DataCentres Ireland 2023, held in Dublin, was a focal point for technological advancements and innovative strategies in the world of data centers. As an attendee representing the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the … Weiterlesen

LPI’s CRA Webinar #11: How It Went

In the dynamic sphere of open-source software and its community, the proposed Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) by the European Commission stands as a pivotal piece of legislation that could significantly influence the European digital market. To dissect the implications and … Weiterlesen

Cybersecurity: Top and Bottom of It

Cybersecurity has evolved beyond being a mere buzzword; it has become a multifaceted concern we must address in our daily lives. Networks: the safe way The increasing digitization of recent years has elevated security practices in the IT realm to … Weiterlesen

Morrolinux: Debunking the 5 Myths About GNU/Linux

In the vast and sometimes mysterious universe of operating systems, I stand as a patron of GNU/Linux, a beacon of freedom and innovation. I champion my support routinely on my YouTube channel and official Morrolinux website. However, this exceptional platform … Weiterlesen

Celebrating Open Source: Linux Day Italia ’23 Highlights

Linux Day Italia 2023 marked a momentous occasion in the open-source community, celebrating its twenty-third edition with remarkable energy and enthusiasm. This event happened in multiple venues and we were very happy as LPI to be invited in the majestic … Weiterlesen

LPI Learning Materials – Becoming Part of the Project

An earlier article presented the LPI Learning Materials, which guide teachers and students in preparing for the LPI exams. These materials are developed by volunteers all over the world. The project has to manage numerous subprojects, support many publishing formats … Weiterlesen

Mastering LPI WDE: Materials, Practice, Simulations

In the previous articles of this series, we have examined the leading technologies covered by the Web Development Essentials certificate from Linux Professional Institute (LPI), both on the front-end side (such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and on the back-end … Weiterlesen

The Linux Advantage: Why Free Software Underlies Modern Computing

Free and open source software (FOSS) is ubiquitous nowadays, with the GNU/Linux operating system making particularly big strides. This article makes some observations and speculations about the reasons that FOSS is increasingly preferred over proprietary systems such as Windows. A … Weiterlesen

Exam Preparation with the LPI Learning Materials

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) started its Learning initiative in 2019 by publishing the first Learning Materials on As a supplement to specialist books from publishers or other platforms, the Learning Materials are designed for intensive preparation for their … Weiterlesen

Edutech Europe, Amsterdam, 2023: My Takeout

Amsterdam’s Edutech Europe 2023 was a whirlwind of innovation, collaboration, and insights into the world of education technology. The purpose of this conference is to promote dialogue and collaboration between educators and computer developers who aim products at education. Over … Weiterlesen