19 Years, 13 IT Certifications: Meet Angel Sayani

In searching for and sharing great stories from the Linux and Open Source worldwide community, we were delighted to come across Angel Sayani, a young–19 years old–IT professional with 13 certifications under her belt. Among them Linux Essentials, with LPIC-1 … Leer más

The LPI community elects three members to its Board of Directors

All of us at Linux Professional Institute (LPI) want to congratulate our new Directors, elected at LPI’s Annual General Meeting held June 25 2022: VM (Vicky) Brasseur – USA (re-elected) Emmanuel Nguimbus – Cameroon Ricardo Prudenciato – Brazil The newly-elected … Leer más

Ghassen Aouinti: Scaling IT skills through LPI’s certifications

I am Ghassen Aouinti, an IT engineer who spent many years managing my information system with traditional tools and then using software with monolithic architectures, sometimes quite complicated to implement.  Then, one day, LPI Maghreb launched a partnership with my … Leer más

The Secret of Morrolinux’s Success – Part 1: Evolution From the Beginnings

As we recently announced on this site, Morrolinux recently signed with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) as a new Platinum Training Partner (ATP) for Italy. Morrolinux is a one-man-project providing GNU/Linux and computer networking online training via Udemy, creating content … Leer más

Recap and Survey on Our Interns’ NFT Project

Now that the fervor over NFTs is cooling down (or maybe not), this seems like a good time to close off our intern’s recent project.   Over the last summer, a couple of our interns worked on a small exploratory … Leer más

East African Conference on Open Source (EACOS 2022)

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) in partnership with the Eastern African open source community hosted the second East African Conference on Open Source (EACOS-2022) from April 26 to 27, 2022. The event was held as a hybrid event for the first day … Leer más

A Dedication to FOSS: Interview with LPI Volunteer Elayne Lemos

Elayne Lemos, a programmer employed at LPI partner Sysvale, is a “star volunteer” at LPI. According to LPI’s Community Engagement Director for the Spanish and Portuguese Regions, Elayne is their best translator between English and Portuguese, as well as a … Leer más

The New Normal in Community Governance: Elections for LPI’s Board of Directors

A year ago this time, LPI was in the midst of its first-ever planning for an AGM based on an election of its Board of Directors. Timelines were really stretched out because we’d never done it before and wanted the … Leer más

The People Behind the Learning Portal: Flávio Schefer

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) established its Learning Portal in June 2019 as the repository of all the Learning Materials for LPI’s exams. The project is managed by Dr. Markus Wirtz, LPI’s Learning Materials Manager. The Learning Portal is, since its very … Leer más

Vircadia Pushes Open Source Ahead in the Metaverse

VR, AR, and virtual worlds have been a major focus of the computer industry for some time, spawning many expensive devices and a spike of interest in the early 2000 decade for the Second Life virtual world. Improvements in visual … Leer más

Creating NFTs with Free and Open Source Software

An unusual educational opportunity came to Linux Professional Institute (LPI) over the summer of 2021. Two interns–Alex, a Public Relations student and myself, Rozilyn, studying electrical and computer engineering–decided to create a set of NFTs as a learning excercise. This … Leer más

Sonia Ben Othman: Achieving Equity and Supporting Growth for Women and Girls in FOSS

Part of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) mission of “promoting the use of open source by supporting the people who work with it” is facilitating equity. Supporting the adoption of FOSS and professional development of those that use it, in … Leer más