2024 Open Source Professionals Job Survey Report Available Now

2024 Open Source Professionals Job Survey Report Available Now

Toronto, 04-23-2024 — Linux Professional Institute (LPI), in conjunction with Open Source JobHub, released today the 2024 Open Source Professionals Job Survey Report, which summarizes the results of a job survey among open source professionals. Based on the responses from administrators, developers, and non-technical professionals, the report highlights the concerns of employees in the world of free and open source software (FOSS).

Respondents care most about work-life balance and remote work options when considering a new role. A stated policy for using and contributing to open source software and opportunities for training and certification were also important to respondents.

This report details findings from the survey and provides insight both for job seekers and for hiring managers aiming to attract and retain open source professionals. The full report can be downloaded under https://www.lpi.org/2024-open-source-professionals-job-survey-report/

“Our mission is to promote the use of open source by supporting the people who work with it. This includes helping employers understand what our community members want from their jobs and work environments. Our aim was to collect relevant data that we felt was not sufficiently covered in other reports.”—G. Matthew Rice, Executive Director of LPI

“It is beneficial for both sides, employees and employers, to know each other’s expectations. Employers say in job advertisements what they expect and what they offer. But what do the people who are asked to apply expect? We wanted to show what potential is available in the workforce and what offers and values are relevant to leverage that potential.”—Brian Osborn, Founder of Open Source JobHub, CEO & Publisher at Linux New Media

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is the global certification standard and career support organization for open source professionals. It’s the world’s first and largest vendor-neutral Linux and open source certification body. LPI has certified professionals in over 180 countries, delivers exams in multiple languages, and has hundreds of training partners. Our mission is to promote the use of open source by supporting the people who work with it.

Open Source JobHub aims to help everyone find a place in the open source ecosystem by connecting job seekers with employers looking for top talent. Let us help you turn down the noise and find the perfect job fit.

Media Contact:
Björn Schönewald
Linux Professional Institute

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