German Open Source Expert B1 Systems Partners with LPI

German Open Source Expert B1 Systems Partners with Linux Professinal Institute (LPI)

B1 Systems GmbH, a provider of consulting, training, managed service, and support in Linux and open source software with locations in several major German cities, has become a Training and Hiring Partner and Solution Provider with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI).

B1 has experts in many areas of free and open source software (FOSS). Their specialties range from cloud solutions such as QEMU and KVM, Kubernetes, and OpenStack to graphical interfaces such as KDE and basic GNU tools. B1 also offers its own solutions, such as the B1-Linux-Client-Management service for Client-/Server-Management. They currently employ about 150 staff as consultants, developers, and trainers.

In addition to developing software for clients, B1 works on many open source projects used by their clients. B1 tries to get their changes accepted upstream. They also maintain the libraries and tools for their clients by re-incorporating into each version the customizations that aren’t accepted by the project developers upstream.

B1 has taken training and documentation seriously since they were founded in 2004. They offer a lot of training on a wide range of topics and their staff have published six books on well-known open source systems. Staff have also contributed test questions and learning materials to LPI.

Therefore, B1 recognizes the importance of open source communities and ecosystems. It was natural for them to partner with LPI to offer support to these communities.

Among the other non-profit projects B1 works with are the Sovereign Cloud Standard initiative, based on OpenStack, which offers a standard interface that all cloud providers are encouraged to support. B1 also partners with the Nextcloud collaboration platform. Thus, they are a solid member of the FOSS environment.

Our partnership with the LPI amplifies our commitment to excellence and shared values. Together, we forge a path where innovation meets integrity, setting new standards for the advancement of technology.Eric Boulanger, Key Account Manager, B1 Systems GmbH

We have been interacting indirectly with B1 Systems for years, and are more than delighted about their Training, Hiring, and Solution Provider Partnerships with LPI. The alliance between B1 Systems and LPI benefits the open-source community, but also other individuals who acquire this knowledge and expertise as we strive for improvement and innovation.—Aida Rosenthal, Partner Success Manager, LPI

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