Arjang OÜ: Why we have been an LPI training partner for ten years

Arjang OÜ is a computer training school centered in Istanbul, Turkiye. Our technical team consists of experienced trainers, developers, and system administrators. We have been delivering quality training both nationally and internationally.

We also have a certification system to evaluate students and certify them for what they have learned.

In the open source world, everything changes so fast. Our biggest challenge has been to update our course content and our grading system with updated questions. Keeping a dynamically evolving standard throughout all our content was not easy.

Therefore, we sought help outside. We were looking for a credible, distribution-neutral training system with solid certification. Linux Professional Institute (LPI) was the answer to our needs. LPI provides an accurate and up-to-date training system that is accepted worldwide.

We decided to work side by side with LPI in 2011. As an LPI Training Partner for ten years now, we have been able to further standardize our training and certification system.

Now with the extra time and energy we have, we also wish to contribute to LPI to create a better learning experience for anyone who is part of the broad LPI community. Thus, we have expanded to become a Platinum Partner.

About Arash Dehghan:

Arash Dehghan is 43 years old and has been in the IT training industry for more than 18 years. He helds an MBA and is ITIL Expert Certified. Ten years ago he joined Remis, a leading IT infrastructure solutions company in Iran, as training manager. He then founded the Arjang Institute of higher education. In 2018 they started operating in Turkey and began their partnership with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). During the next three years they have graduated more than 300 LPI-certified students, most of whom are working in important positions in organizations around the world.