IT Training, Ltd. reaches the Platinum level as LPI’s first partner in Bulgaria

IT Training, Ltd. is a Bulgaria-based technical training firm that offers 200 to 250 courses, training about 1,000 students, each year. For the past three and a half years, IT Training has been an LPI partner, and they recently achieved the highest level of Platinum Channel Partner. With its LPI partnership, IT Training can offer a discount on LPI certifications and help their students get those valuable proofs of expertise. According to Training Manager Vladimir Simeonov, the company is responding to a growing interest among students in Linux and open source technologies. 

IT Training is the first LPI partner in Bulgaria. Their courses cover a broad range of computing topics. System administration dominates the course listing, but programming and analytics (including artificial intelligence) also appear.  A full range of courses is offered to those pursuing LPI certifications.

Enrollment in Linux-related courses, according to Simeonov, is ramping up gradually. In 2019, the firm had almost 150 students in LPI-related courses. Most of these students came from corporate staff. In 2020, IT Training sold nearly 50 vouchers to students planning to take LPI certification exams. Simeonov expects continued growth in certifications, because everyone attending the LPI-related classes expressed an interest in getting certified. Because of the value that LPI certifications have in the workplace, IT Training recognizes the importance of making the certifications available and as easy as possible to achieve.

“Becoming an LPI partner has been 100% positive for us,” Simeonov says. “It was difficult to sell all the vouchers we wanted during our first year of partnership, but we managed to increase the volume to the point where we hit the Platinum level. I don’t think anyone else in our region has achieved that number of exams.”

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