Italian Linux Society joins the Linux Professional Institute as Community Member

Teaming up for the “Glocal history of FOSS” project

The Italian Linux Society (ILS) has joined the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) as a Community Partner. ILS and the Italian chapter of LPI have teamed up many times in the past. The Linux Professional Institute has been a sponsor of the Italian Linux Day for many years.

With a long history of collaboration in spreading the values of knowledge of FOSS in Italy, ILS is now tightly cooperating with LPI by joining it as a Community Partner, the partnership path specifically designed by LPI to support FOSS Organizations already having their own communities and partner groups. 

ILS and LPI immediately joined up on a shared initiative: the “Glocal history of FOSS: a project aiming to build up a world history of FOSS connecting the local ones.”

Roberto Guido, President of the Italian Linux Society, stated: “I believe that a stronger relationship between the open-source community and the enterprise may drive a fast and healthy growth for the Italian economic and social system. The partnership with LPI is strategic to consolidate this connection and help to transform general technical skills – common among our public – into a set of knowledge and expertise recognized and established in and for ITprofessional figures. Moreover, the involvement with the global LPI network will bring Italian Linux advocates closer to the Linux community worldwide and help us explore different experiences, other visions, and other approaches.”

Daniele Cirio, Account Executive di Linux Professional Institute – Italy – added: “It’s a true pleasure to welcome Roberto and the whole ILS community as an LPI Community Partner. The new format of the LPI Partnership – the Community format – is a perfect fit for the kind of relationship that LPI and ILS developed and nurtured for many years. With such a synergistic framework, the Italian FOSS broader community will hugely benefit from new networking and collaboration opportunities. We are thrilled about the project that sprang from the new partnership: the “Glocal History of FOSS” project is a brilliant example of how LPI and local organizations can work together to foster a better understanding of the Open Source philosophy and movement, locally and globally as well, within in a context made with and by FOSS.”

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