LPI Partner Case Study: Internet Academy (Japan)

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) partners with many institutions to strengthen our offerings and the community of free and open source software. This article is part of a series about case studies involving our partner companies.

Internet Academy has been a Training Partner since January 2019. Internet Academy was opened in September 1995, and was the first school in Japan to specialize in the Web.

They offer a curriculum that allows students to learn skills directly related to the workplace, taking advantage of the fact that our parent company is a web production company.

We present this case study for you to learn about how LPI certification is used for both companies and candidates.

Read this case study to learn:

Internet Academy offerings
How Internet Academy became a LPI partner
The benefits that Internet Academy gets from LPI

Download now! (The content is Japanese language only)

If you have any questions, please contact info-ja@lpi.org.

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