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Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Publishes 2023 Annual Review

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Publishes 2023 Annual Review

Toronto, 02-21-2024 – New exams, global partnerships, new translations for Learning Materials, software used, and much more: In its recently published Annual Review, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) provides an insight into achievements and changes in 2023. The report can be downloaded as a PDF on the LPI website.

Exciting milestones were reached in 2023, one highlight being the release of Linux Professional Institute’s Security Essentials certificate. The certificate establishes foundational knowledge in cybersecurity, relevant both for professionals seeking to expand their opportunities in system administration and for non-technical users desiring to keep themselves and their organizations safe from ever-growing digital threats.

Open Source Essentials beta exams were also successfully delivered in 2023. Open Source Essentials empowers professionals by demonstrating their knowledge of open source communities, businesses, licenses, legal frameworks, and culture. The beta exams received positive feedback from community members, and an official release of the Open Source Essentials certificate is scheduled for the first half of 2024.

New translations were added to the free LPI Learning Materials, with Linux Essentials now available in 14 languages, and Web Development Essentials in 11 – the latter including languages such as Javascript and SQLite, which helps to open new doors to careers in software development worldwide.

The 2023 LPI Communications strategy gave partners a chance to share their expertise with a global audience of LPI community members. Partner testimonials were featured on the LPI blog and delivered to hundreds of thousands of open source professionals through the organization’s social media channels.

Building on Stu Keroff’s Linux Club Guide, LPI began a program to connect educators with sponsors, fostering education groups that teach students and communities open source skills. Additionally, “Upgrade to Linux,” an initiative aimed at promoting open-source awareness and accessibility, expanded its network of partners and volunteers, collaborating with enthusiasts globally.

“We extend our heartfelt thanks to the LPI community for their contributions, and look forward to what we can achieve together in the coming years to support the people who work with open source,” says LPI Executive Director, G. Matthew Rice

Click here to read the full 2023 Annual Review for a complete overview, featuring testimonials from partners and volunteers, open source software used at LPI, and other activities.

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