LPI Advocacy in Vietnam Continues to Grow

The Growth of LPI Advocacy in Vietnam

In 2023, as Linux Professional Institute (LPI) continues to expand its engagement in the APAC region. We are scaling up our involvement particularly in Vietnam, building upon the progress made in 2022. Vietnam’s thriving IT landscape presents immense opportunities, making it crucial for LPI to enhance its presence and partnerships in the region.

Certifications play a pivotal role in this growth, providing professionals with the skills and credentials needed to excel in the dynamic technology culture. To further strengthen our commitment, LPI opened its APAC office and made several trips to Vietnam.

This article delves into the journey of nurturing relationships, promoting certifications, and fostering collaboration during LPI’s recent visits to Vietnam. From engaging with key partners to hosting the Vietnam LPI Partner Meeting, these endeavors exemplify our dedication to expanding LPI certifications in Vietnam.

In November 2022, as the APAC LPI representative, I visited Vietnam to nurture relationships with our partners and promote LPI certifications in this growing market.

The trip began in Saigon, where I spoke about LPI and its professional certifications to around 500 IT and engineering students at Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology (HUFLIT). This event was organized in collaboration with SaigonCTT, a business network that is also called X-Profile and is under DTS, is an LPI Training Partner in Vietnam. OSBC, a Channel Partner based in South Korea, which is actively supporting LPI’s partners in Vietnam and also facilitated meetings with other key partners in Saigon through Phat Vuong.

SmartPro and Tel4VN, our partners in Saigon, were significant promoters of LPI exams in the region. Tel4VN had already provided free training to about 200 students in their network in 2022. Another partner, IT4VN, was also actively promoting LPI certifications in Vietnam. Techmaster, who attended the Hanoi Partner Meeting, became a partner after the event.,

Along with my colleague Kenji Ito, I traveled to Hanoi again in February 2023 for further meetings with partners. The Bachkhoa Information Technology Academy (BKACAD) and the Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) were among the partners in Hanoi, and meetings were held with them to discuss partnership opportunities. SaigonCTT and IPMAC were also essential partners that we visited during the trip.

The highlight of the visit was the Vietnam LPI Partner Meeting, held on February 24-25, 2023 in Hanoi. The meeting was attended by selected partners and was a hybrid event, with both physical attendance and online attendance through Zoom. The panel included various sessions, including a keynote by Jon ‘maddog’ Hall, Chairman of the Board of the Linux Professional Institute, who spoke about the need to reboot and update certifications and conditions for certifications in Vietnam. Other sessions covered the partner program update, order process, and OSBC presentation.

Apart from the Partner Meeting, Kenji also conducted a DevOps webinar during the trip, attended by partners and other participants. The meeting allowed partners to network, exchange ideas, and discuss the current status of LPI certifications in Vietnam. Participants also discussed LPI’s partner training programs, including Train the Trainer sessions for LPIC and DevOps certifications.

In addition to the official meetings, the LPI APAC team, along with OSBC representatives from Korea—Wan Keun Lee and Summer Han—visited partners during the trip. Meetings were held with BKACAD, SaigonCTT, and IPMAC, focusing on the Train the Trainer program and discussing partnership opportunities, benefits, and mutual support. The team also presented gifts and swags, including penguin toys, stickers, and partnership leaflets and stickers, to partners as a gesture of appreciation for their support.

Overall, the trip to Vietnam successfully nurtured relationships with our partners and promoted LPI certifications in this growing market. The Partner Meeting and other sessions provided a platform for partners to discuss updates, share ideas, and strengthen LPI advocacy in Vietnam. We look forward to further collaborations with our partners in Vietnam and continue to support the growth of LPI certifications in the region.

About Jose Jolly Villaviza:

Jose ‘Jolly’ Villaviza is an experienced Human Resources and IT Professional with a history of working in the hotel and restaurant industries, the automotive industry, non-government organizations, engineering organizations, and academe. He has served more than ten years in academe, more than ten years in Human Resources, and more than 10 years in non-government organizations and counting. A human resources professional with a master’s degree focused in Information Technology, Jol joined LPI in October 2019 as Business Development Executive for the APAC Region. He also is acting as Account Executive and Partner Success Manager in the APAC region since 2021. His yearning to help others grow and be better in life was honed growing up with a father who is in the Armed Forces and an elementary school teacher. All his experiences have made himself and friends #HappyHelpingOthersHelpOthers.

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